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Karin Herzog Vita A Kombi 1 50ml

Karin Herzog Vita A Kombi 1 50ml
RRP £67.00
Our Price:

Brand Karin Herzog
Product Type Moisturisers
Size 50ml
Skin Type All Skin Types

Karin Herzog Vita A Kombi 1 face cream has 1% Oxygen, ideal for first time users, fine, normal and Celtic skin types. Vita A Kombi 1 anti ageing cream contains 1% oxygen and vitamins A and E. Designed to use morning and night to normalise the skin, promoting healing and accelerating cell regeneration. Working to balance even combination skins, minimising open pores as it detoxifies, killing bacteria, hydrating and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. This wonderful anti wrinkle cream combines the softness of vitamin A with the effectiveness of oxygen to boost collagen production.

Suitable for even the most sensitive skin as the healing properties work to desensitise and calm. This product is used by Doctors and Dermatologists to speed up the healing process, and is effective pre and post operative treatments, working to give exceptional results.


  • A light emulsion that does not leave an oily residue on the surface of the skin.
  • Stabilised liquid phase oxygen is transformed into active oxygen gas upon contact with human hair or skin. The result is a massive increase in volume, with oxygen gas rushing into the tissues taking with it the vital vitamins A and E, glucose and water.
  • Neutral vitamin A in the cream is converted into Retinol (acid vitamin A), once the oxygen is released and enters into the tissues. The benefit of which is that you get all the advantages of Retinoic acid, without the side effects of the skin reddening, thinning and drying, or becoming light/sun sensitive. The conversion occurs under the skin and is complete when the product reaches the cells, where only acid vitamin A or E is of any use.
  • Unique self-massaging effect means that you do not have to massage the cream into the tissues. The oxygen gas is released and penetrates the skin unaided. The benefit of this is that you get the full benefit of the product in the facial tissues, and not on the palms of the hands, where most of the other creams would go, due to the pores on the hands being much larger than those on the face.
  • Dual action: As the oxygen gas is released and rushes into the tissues, it creates a micro-massage of the tissues and literally blasts away built up debris and toxins that block the walls of the capillaries. The benefit here is that your own natural replenishment system can work more effectively due to the nutrients being able to pass through the capillary walls, where there are now no blockages. In this way the cream crates quick results by not only giving a topical application of vital nutrients, but also working from the inside.
  • Oxygen is natures most effective and natural antiseptic. It kills bacteria. A spot can live for weeks inside the warm, low oxygenated tissues of the skin, when it erupts onto the surface, the oxygen in the air dries it up and kills it. By putting oxygen into the skin, you stop blemishes before they get a chance to form. It is for this reason we have wonderful results on acne.
  • Lets the skin breath, and increases circulation.

How to use:

Normal Skin
Morning and night, apply to the face and neck without massaging into the skin.

During the initial use of the Vita A Kombi, in order to become familiar with this exclusive daily care product we suggest that you apply a few drops of Vita A Kombi Facial Oil to the face before using Vita A Kombi Cream, otherwise your skin will certainly tend to absorb this cream very quickly. The Facial Oil prevents this rapid absorption at the same time it gives its superb formula to the skin. Allow to penetrate then apply Vita A Kombi cream to the neck and face without massage.

Dry or Combination Skin
Morning and night apply a few drops of Vita A Kombi Facial Oil first to re-establish comfort and to add the precious ingredients which are needed by dry or less balanced skin. Allow to penetrate for a few moments, then apply Vita A Kombi Cream to the face and neck without massage. In time, or at night especially, the effect of Vita A Kombi Facial Oil may be slightly too oily, this is a very good sign showing that your skin is in the process of becoming more balanced. When you feel that this is the case, you must reduce the Vita A Kombi Facial Oil a little or stop using it, whilst continuing your daily exclusive skin care with Vita A Kombi cream.

Oily Skin
Morning and night, apply to the face and neck without massaging into the skin.

Cold Climates or Extra Dry Skin
Apply a few drops of Vita A Kombi Facial Oil to the face and neck in the morning. This oil will be absorbed very easily by the skin which will become more radiant and better prepared to receive the exclusive daily care product, Vita A Kombi Cream. Allow to penetrate for a few moments then apply Vita A Kombi Cream without massage. Next, after a few minutes or before going out, apply the protective cream Day Protection Cream for maximum comfort. At night, after Vita A Kombi Facial Oil and Vita A Kombi Cream, if additional comfort is required, add a little Additional Sweet, a cream with and ultra soft texture. As soon as the effect is slightly too oily, this is a very good sign and your skin will seem better balanced. You may then wish to stop using the additional night cream, whilst continuing your daily exclusive skin care with Vita A Kombi Facial Oil and Vita A Kombi Cream.

Expert tip: When we recommend that you do not massage into the skin, we should like to point out that your hands will absorb a large quantity of cream with greater rapidity than the skin on the face and body. Therefore, if you massage into the skin when applying a cream for the face or body, too much of the effect of our patented products vanishes into the hands instead of acting where it was intended.

Paraben and preservative free and not tested on animals.


Rebecca Lieberman Confirmed Purchase

Feb 21, 2023


Michelle Havard Confirmed Purchase

Oct 30, 2022

Have been using this for about 30 years and I love it…wish it wasn’t quite so dear and you could get hold of it easier…do not stick in any shops and only a couple of websites!!

Phoebe Ross Confirmed Purchase

Apr 2, 2018

I have used this product for many years and wouldn’t change it for anything else.