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Karin Herzog Small Brush

Karin Herzog Small Brush
RRP £9.00
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Brand Karin Herzog
Product Type Mask Brushes

Karin Herzog Small Brush is the perfect tool to apply all the products with active oxygen instead of using your fingers. Karin Herzog treatments with active oxygen must be applied without massaging, with a brush. This synthetic hair brush ensures that the oxygen is released onto the area of the skin where it is needed most.


  • Active oxygen can act effectively
  • Better application

How to use: Apply in fine layer to allow the oxygen to release itself directly under the skin The active oxygen gets a sensation of freshness and can sometimes make feel some itches, proof which it changes state and acts on the skin. To clean the Karin Herzog face brush, simply rinse with warm water.

All Karin Herzog Oxygen Creams need to be applied with a Karin Herzog Brush to enable the oxygen to be released when it comes into contact with the skin, creating a micro explosion when the oxygen changes from a liquid to a gas. Application with brush prevents the oxygen being released into the hands or fingertips, saving its effect for the areas you need it most. Use the small face brush for the face and the large brush for the body.

Susan Poston Confirmed Purchase

Jan 29, 2021


Mrs. Eva Taumer Confirmed Purchase

Mar 29, 2018

Perfect accessory for oxygen creams