Dermalogica Sensitive Skin Daily Duo

Dermalogica Sensitive Skin Daily Duo

Dermalogica Sensitive Skin Daily Duo
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Brand Dermalogica
Product Type Kits And Sets
Skin Type Sensitive
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Make greater savings and buy your Ultracalming Cleanser and Barrier Repair together. The Dermalogica Sensitive Skin Daily Duo is suitable for sensitive skin conditions and is everything you need for your basic skincare routine, a cleanser and a moisturiser to treat sensitised skin. Treating the multiple triggers behind inflammation for lasting relief from flare ups.

Dermalogica Sensitive Skin Daily Duo includes:

Ultracalming Cleanser 500ml - A gel cream non foaming cleanser to calm and soothe skin that is delicate, over exposed, reactive or sensitive. Easily rinses away or wipes off leaving no residue.

Barrier Repair 30ml - Restores the barrier function of the skin, with its velvety water less texture shielding the skin from external environmental aggressors and internal triggers that cause stress on the skin.

Gluten Free, Vegan, No Artificial Fragrances and Colours, Paraben Free, Cruelty Free.


Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 50ml

A medium weight emollient moisturiser with a broad spectrum SPF50, to give you absolute hydration.


Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel 500ml Pump

A soap free facial cleanser blended with botanicals of balm mint and lavender. Suitable for all skin types and gentle on easily irritated complexions.


Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream 100ml

Keeps skin hydrated for up to 48 hours and prevents moisture loss, the result is visibly smoother, healthier looking skin.


Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance 100ml

The same moisturiser you know and love but with BioReplenish Complex, to help nourish your skin ten layers deep and restore the lipid balance to dry skin.