Crystal Clear Rewind10 Super Charged Face And Neck Moisturiser 60ml

Crystal Clear Rewind10 Super Charged Face And Neck Moisturiser 60ml

Crystal Clear Rewind10 Super Charged Face And Neck Moisturiser 60ml
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Brand Crystal Clear
Product Type Moisturisers
Skincare Type Non-Cosmeceutical
Size 60ml
Skin Type Ageing
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Crystal Clear Rewind10 Super Charged Face And Neck Moisturiser 60ml is an anti ageing neck moisturiser to target the dramatic effects ageing can have on your face and neck area, leaving is smooth, firm, lifted and restored. The Crystal Clear Skincare Rewind10 moisturiser is formulated with powerful and active anti ageing ingredients to restore and rejuvenate mature and ageing skin, these super smart ingredients that will leave you looking like you have rewound the clock.

How to use

  • Use morning and evening after cleansing with your favourite Crystal Clear Cleanser.
  • Apply Crystal Clear Rewind 10 moisturiser by massaging carefully into the face and neck.
  • Pay particular attention to any problem areas such as under the chin, decolletage, eye area and forehead.


  • Anti ageing targeting aggressive ageing symptoms
  • Lifting and Firming stimulate and rejuvenate
  • Sonic Technology delivering our Supercharged moisturiser deep into your skin
  • Powerful and scientifically advanced ingredients


Pheohydrane this clinically proven ingredient acts like a second skin locking moisture into the skin for several days. Derived from brown algae and combined with amino acids extracted from the microalgae, Chlorella vulgaris and minerals obtained from sea water.

Unisteron Y-50 (Phytosteroid Complex) Is a multifunctional phytosteroid complex specifically designed for the skin care of mature women. Products containing Unisteron Y-50 not only improve the elasticity, moisture content and roughness of the skin but also have a proven wrinkle-smoothing effect. Unisteron Y-50 is particularly suitable for incorporation in skin care products with skin-firming and
wrinkle-smoothing properties intended for mature skin, and it can also protect the skin
from premature ageing.

Phycojuvenine (Algal extract) The mitochondrion is the energy centre of every cell in our body, and has its own DNA which becomes damaged by environmental stresses such as UV exposure. The result of
this damage is impaired skin cell performance (so reduced collagen synthesis, wrinkle formation etc.). This particular algal extract is proven to protect mitochondrial DNA as well as rejuvenate skin cells. The result goes beyond reducing the appearance of wrinkles, it makes older skin perform like younger skin.

Aroleat Samphira imitates the beneficial properties of retinoids (Vitamin A), without causing skin irritation or photosensitivity. Its retinoid like action reduces the secretion of sebum, diminishes lines and wrinkles due to cutaneous ageing, and leaves the skin feeling smooth, even and soft. It works in 3 ways to support the problems often experienced with mature skin types:

  • Diminution of the lines and wrinkles: Just like retinoids, Aroleat Samphira will fix the retinoid receptors of the keratinocytes, thereby stimulating their multiplication in order to make the epidermis thicker and denser once again.
  • Exfoliation and homogenisation of the complexion: Aroleat Samphira reduces cohesion of the corneal layer, thus with the superficial dead cells eliminated, the skin becomes smoother, encouraging destruction of the black spots and a rapid expulsion of the blackheads and papule.
  • Anti inflammatory and sebo regulator action: compared with the irritant effects of the retinoids, Aroleat Samphira does not release the inflammatory mediators.This action compliments the regulation of the sebum production in the treatment of inflammatory acne.