Verso Eye Cream 20ml

Verso Eye Cream 20ml

Verso Eye Cream 20ml
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Brand Verso
Product Type Eye Care
Skincare Type Cosmeceutical
Size 20ml
Skin Type Ageing
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A rich formula with moisturising and nutrition benefits, providing instant and long-term nutrition to the delicate skin around the eyes. Strengthens the skins barrier while ensuring a healthy moisture level, Verso Eye Cream leaves the eye area soft, smooth and supple. Its a perfect remedy for skin that tends to become dry. Nourishes and moisturises the eye area, to ensure a robust skin barrier and healthy hydration level. It owes its potency to a fine-tuned combination of fermented oat, hyaluronic acid boosting yeast extract.

How to use: Gently apply a thin layer around your eye area to take full advantage of this creams moisture and anti-ageing benefits.

Key Ingredients: Oat lipids and oils from the Nordic countries with a high concentration of Antioxidants, Ceramide and skin-identical fatty acids provide outstanding hydration and reinforce the skins barrier. Yeast extract optimizes the skins hyaluronic acid level, supports elastin synthesis to help the skin better withstand daily stresses and makes active ingredients easier to absorb. The overall effect is a smooth, supple and resistant skin around the eyes.

Free From Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates,dyes, mineral oils, or other harmful substances.


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