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Verso Skincare

Verso Skincare offers a range of advanced skin products. Some of the Verso skin care comes with Retinol that is eight times more potent than other Retinol products on the market. Gentle for the skin, suits people with a sensitive complexion. Contains no colourants, parabens, mineral oils or other harmful substances. Comprehensive clinical studies show that the products are safe and effective. Increases the production of collagen, which fills out the skin. Retinol 8 complex is found only in Verso Skincare products. The main ingredient in Retinol 8 is a stable substance that is minimally affected by UV radiation and oxygen (contrary to regular retinol, which is a sensitive substance) The active ingredients are so potent that only a small concentration is needed to achieve visible results. We are a Verso Skincare UK authorised online shop.