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Joico Youthlock Shampoo 300ml

Joico Youthlock Shampoo 300ml
Our Price:

Brand Joico
Product Type Shampoo
Size 300ml

Experience the Revitalizing Power of Joico YouthLock Shampoo. Embark on a journey to rejuvenate your hair with the age-defying magic of this transformative shampoo. Specially formulated to infuse ageing hair with youthful vitality, it promises ageless body, shine, manageability, and bounce, spotlighting your locks like never before.

Ideal For:

  • Individuals seeking to rejuvenate and add vitality to ageing hair
  • Those looking to enhance their hair’s natural body, shine, and manageability
  • Anyone aiming to protect and strengthen their hair while providing intense hydration and shine

Key Ingredients Unleashing Hair's Potential:

  • Smart Release Technology: Harness the power of Joico's innovative liposome delivery system, designed to continuously unleash a trio of hair-renewing ingredients: Rosehip Oil, Arginine, and Keratin, each contributing to the resilience and health of your hair.
  • Collagen: Dive into the rejuvenating benefits of Collagen, a key component known for its ability to bolster hair's strength and elasticity, promoting a youthful, revitalized appearance.
  • Buriti Oil: Cherish the restorative effects of Buriti Oil, rich in antioxidants and essential vitamins, this exquisite oil revitalizes dry, lifeless hair, bestowing hydration and a radiant shine.
  • Arginine: Benefit from Arginine's intelligent bonding qualities, which fortify hair bonds, stimulate bond renewal, and enhance overall hair integrity.

How To Use: Apply generously to wet hair, reveling in the luxurious lather that not only cleanses but also begins the transformation process. Rinse thoroughly, washing away impurities, and prepare your locks to embrace the full range of benefits this exceptional shampoo offers.

With Joico YouthLock Shampoo, step into the limelight with hair that exudes an ageless aura, boasting body, shine, and an enviously youthful bounce. Turn the page to a new chapter of hair care, where every wash is a step towards unlocking the secret to timelessly beautiful hair.