St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion Medium 200ml

St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion Medium 200ml

St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion Medium 200ml
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Brand St Tropez
Product Type Gradual Tan
Skin Type All Skin Types
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A new shade for a darker golden glow, St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion Medium is a revolutionary product, a shower gel that works to give you a sun-kissed glow. Specially formulated for a streak free finish, this product activates on contact with clean wet skin and works in just 3 minutes. Apply tan for 3 consecutive days, for a natural and healthy looking glow. Perfect for those with a busy lifestyle.

After showering, the self- tan actives will naturally start to work, developing gradually and deepening with regular application. Add this unique tanning lotion to your daily shower routine to build a sun-kissed golden glow.

Expert Tip: This tan works well with St Tropez Gradual Tan Classic Face Cream.

How to use: Fully cleanse and rinse in a warm shower. Turn the shower of and generously apply the product to wet skin using circular motions, with your hands. Wait for 3 minutes and the rinse off with warm water only. Pat dry and your good to go.


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