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Head Gear Nitrile Disposable Powder Free Gloves Black Small x1 Pair

Head Gear Nitrile Disposable Powder Free Gloves Black Small x1 Pair
Our Price:

Brand Head Gear
Product Type Tanning Accessories
Colour Black
Skin Type All Skin Types

Buy a pair of Head-Gear Nitrile Disposable Powder Free Gloves Black Colour and Small Size online at John And Ginger. Wear them when applying your self tan to prevent staining of the hands.

You will get x1 Pair of Gloves (two individual items).

These Nitrile gloves are very comfortable and because they don't have any powder inside, then you can use them to apply self tan products or any other beauty products without any problem.

We offer the most popular Head Gear Nitrile gloves, they are disposable to keep a high hygiene standards. These gloves are Powder Free for professional use at home that won't leave any residue afterwards. They come in a Black colour for most people preference and in a small size, as that is the most popular size we found in the market.

Some people use them to perform massages and even to pain their nails.

These disposable gloves are specially designed for tanning and will ensure that you do not stain your hands. Simply apply a generous amount of tanning product and then wear the gloves while applying to your skin.