Betty Beauty Black Pubic Hair Dye

Betty Beauty Black Pubic Hair Dye

Betty Beauty Black Pubic Hair Dye
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Brand Betty Beauty
Product Type Hair Colour
Colour Black
Skin Type All Skin Types
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Grey? No way!
Get back to black or rev up the action! Betty Beauty Black Pubic Hair Dye rules below the belt. BLACK betty colour for the hair down there naturally colours, covers grey and enhances to match your glorious locks above.

Follow the easy directions for safe colour. Natural-looking. No mess. No drip. Use it every time you colour! Black is beautiful! Get your Betty ready!


steve wilson Confirmed Purchase

Oct 5, 2019

1 application lasts me for oh a good 5/6 weeks and you get a good 4/5 applications out of it, I like it as it goes from black into brown through time and makes my area look more natural as i was ginger and now brown its the only area that still shows ginger now i balance it out, great product

Anonymous Confirmed Purchase

Sep 3, 2019

I am a guy and I chose to colour my hair "down there", it was that or all off as I am not ready to accept grey down there. The kit was complete, good instructions and I followed to the letter, with emergency wash off arrangements made ready... just in case. but no burn was experienced at any point. At the prescribed time, I washed off, and then had to scrub some skin that was stained despite the Vaseline... I must have missed a bit. the result is amazing, back to black and has so far lasted 3 months. Awesome result and I have two more applications waiting from my first kit. Tip for the guys, just do the pubic mound, the dangly bits would be too messy and hard to scrub the stains off. Very happy and highly recommend this product and company.