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Regenerate Enamel Science Hypersensitivity Toothpaste 75ml

Regenerate Enamel Science Hypersensitivity Toothpaste 75ml
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Brand Regenerate Enamel Science
Product Type Toothpaste
Size 75ml

Regenerate Hypersensitivity Toothpaste contains NR-5+ technology so when brushing, it has been proven to form hydroxyapatite deep within the dentine, effectively delivering intensive care treatment for hypersensitivity. The NR-5+ intensive care formula forms a fresh supply of enamel minerals that wrap and integrate onto teeth, activating a cycle of enamel regeneration with the exact same mineral of which enamel is made. With this Regenerate toothpaste the exposed living structures are rescued, the pain signals stop and the hypersensitivity is treated.

How to use: Use twice daily, in place of your regular toothpaste.