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Puori PB Plant Protein Booster 317g

Puori PB Plant Protein Booster 317g
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Brand Puori
Product Type Vitamins And Supplements
Size 317g

Puori PB Plant Protein Booster makes sure you are having the right amount of essential amino acids when eating a plant-based diet. Puori developed PB to make it easier for those eating a plant-based diet to reach the desired daily intake of protein and calcium. PB is formulated with Pea Protein, which contains many of the essential amino acids. Algae Calcium is naturally rich in calcium and trace minerals and protected through a process that preserves all nutrients.

Benefits of Plant Protein Booster:

  • Muscle - Protein contains amino acids which are the building blocks our muscles need to maintain and build them.
  • Bones - Our bones in the body consist mainly of calcium, which means that calcium is of course important. In addition, protein also helps maintain normal bones.
  • Digestion - Calcium helps ensure that digestive enzymes function normally.

How to use: An easily soluble plant protein booster without aftertaste, which can therefore be added to smoothies, juices or used for baking or cooking.