Opi Gel Break Serum Infused Base Coat 15ml

Opi Gel Break Serum Infused Base Coat 15ml

Opi Gel Break Serum Infused Base Coat 15ml
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Brand Opi
Product Type Base Coats
Skin Type All Skin Types
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Disguise nail imperfections and discolorations with Opi Gel Break Serum Infused Base Coat formulated with special prismatic pigments for a flawless finish and enriched with sodium hyaluronate, vitamins and bamboo extract to hydrate and restore the natural nail. Gel Break Base Coat is the first step for a flawless manicure when having a break for gels.

The Opi Gel Break system was designed to restore nails back to health after damage from improper application or removal of gel polish. This simple 3 step system allows you to love the benefits of a gel manicure, without the worry of thinking your damaging your nails. Can be used anytime your nails need a break from gel polish for healthier and stronger looking nails after only a week.

How to use: Apply a thin layer down the centre of nail, repeat on to each side of nail, cap the free edge to prevent shrinkage.



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