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Neom Perfect Night's Sleep Reed Diffuser Refill 100ml

Neom Perfect Night's Sleep Reed Diffuser Refill 100ml
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Brand Neom
Product Type Diffusers
Size 100ml

Use the Neom Perfect Nights Sleep Reed Diffuser Refill 100ml to top up and replace the reeds of your original reed diffuser bottle. This Scent To Sleep natural fragrance consists of 19 deeply relaxing essential oils including English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine for a therapeutic effect on your mind and body, helping to prepare you for sleep. Neom Tranquillity fragrance is part of the Scent to Sleep range, as nothing affects the mind and body more than lack of sleep. Neom Perfect Nights Sleep Diffuser Refill is made from a blend of the finest natural ingredients and scented with an incredible amount of the purest possible essential oils. Neom reed diffusers work to change your mood as they fill the air with natural goodness, lasting for about 12 weeks. You simply choose the treatment you need.

Fragrance: The purple splendour of a neatly lined lavender field on a glorious English summers day. The green, sweet scent of English lavender, typically a little cleaner smelling than the more floral French lavender, coupled with sweet basil and pretty jasmine is a heavenly relaxing blend.

Therapeutic effects: Neom spent two years expertly twisting together hundreds of oils to find a blend that would help induce the perfect nights sleep. Lavender has been proven in countless studies to calm and relax the mind and body when inhaled. In our trials the vast majority of people had a better nights sleep after using this scent.

Directions: Remove the cap and carefully pour the contents into your existing Neom reed diffuser bottle before inserting the reeds. Allow 48 hours for the fragrance to fill the room with scent. For a stronger scent use all of the reeds and turn daily. For a more subtle scent use fewer reeds and turn less often.

Expert Sleep Tip: Use this reed diffuser in your bedroom, and for a real burst of fragrance, turn the reeds before bedtime. Soak in a warm bath with the Tranquillity Bath And Shower Drops or Bath Foam and use the Perfect Nights Sleep Pillow Mist for maximum quality and quantity of sleep.

Whether it is to relieve stress, calm and relax, aid sleep, boost your energy or lift your mood, Neom make a Scent to make you feel good.

Cannot be shipped overseas.

Yes, the Neom Tranquillity Reed Diffuser Refill has changed its name to Neom Perfect Night's Sleep Reed Diffuser Refill, however the fragrance remains the same.
Neom suggest that their Reed Diffusers last about 12 weeks.