Monu Firming Fiji Facial Oil 180ml

Monu Firming Fiji Facial Oil 180ml

Monu Firming Fiji Facial Oil 180ml
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Brand Monu
Product Type Face Oils
Skin Type Dry
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Big size bottle. Lovingly formulated to smooth and comfort the skin whilst preventing dehydration. Monu Firming Fiji Facial Oil 180ml is a refreshing blend of Bois de Rose and Patchouli essential oils ensure that skin is calm, firm and radiant. Natural Plant oils pamper and stimulate the complexion.


  • Suitable for dry, sensitive and mature skin types
  • Paraben free
  • Smooths, calms and nourishes
  • Not suitable for nut allergy sufferers.

How to use: After cleansing and toning apply a small amount to the skin and massage in with gentle upward movements. Recommended to apply at night times.

Key ingredients:

Hazelnut Oil - A light, easily absorbed oil which is well suited to combination and oily skin types. Emollient and nourishing. Rich in essential fatty acids.

Rose Essential Oil -This special oil has a gentle, floral aroma that is extremely mood enhancing. It is used in skincare when treating sensitive skin and can also lift the spirits. Only a little of this essence is required, as its perfume is intense.

Patchouli Essential Oil - An exotic and stimulating oil from India with a woody, sensuous aroma. Patchouli is used in skincare for mature skin and has a relaxing effect on the system.


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