Scented Boutique Candle Number 3 With Musk And Patchouli

Scented Boutique Candle Number 3 With Musk And Patchouli

Scented Boutique Candle Number 3 With Musk And Patchouli
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Brand John And Ginger
Product Type Candles
Skin Type All Skin Types
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Soft Musk, Lemon And Patchouli

Includes a silver candle lid to keep the dust out, this boutique candle is a delicate white floral blend with clouds of soft musk, Lemon and Patchouli oil, blended with a hint of Vanilla for total indulgence, adding a luxurious ambience to any room of the home.

Hand poured in the UK using the highest quality wax for a long, clean and even burn, this John And Ginger Scented Boutique Candle Number 3 With Musk And Patchouli comes presented in a beautiful white gift box finished with ribbon.

Scent: Floral

Burning time approx: 46 hours

Glass: 8cm x H 9cm

Presentation box : 10.5 x 10.5 x H11cm

Directions And Care:

Trim wick to about 1cm before lighting. To maximise your candles burn time, always allow your candle to become molten across the entire surface before extinguishing the flame.

After burning, trim your candles wick to just below 1cm, do not allow the excess wick to fall back into the molten wax.

Instead of blowing out your candle, use the silver lid to snuff the candle to prevent the wick from smouldering.

Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Always leave at least 10cm between candles. Do not burn on or near anything that can catch fire. Always extinguish the candle and do not relight when the wax level is less than 1cm.


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