Fudge Hed Shine 100g

Fudge Hed Shine 100g

Fudge Hed Shine 100g
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Brand Fudge
Product Type Hair Styling
Skincare Type Non-Cosmeceutical
Size 100g
Skin Type All Skin Types
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Add some super shine to your hair with this light reflecting spray, Fudge Hed Shine contains UV filters to protect hair from sun damage, with its water soluble formula that can be easily shampooed out to prevent build up.

Expert Tip: Brush through the hair after application to control flyaways.

Please note: cannot be shipped overseas


  • Light reflecting properties deliver a shiny flossy finish
  • Super dry formulation with no hold
  • Ideal to control frizzy hair
  • The light reflecting particles and two-part silicone system in this
  • super dry aerosol delivers the ultimate in shine to your style
  • Contains unique shine/sparkle system ‘Ronstar Silver’ to reflect shine
  • Water soluble, easily shampooed out, no build up on the hair
  • Contains UV protectant for protection from sun damage and to maintain hair condition
  • Fruity coconut/grapefruit/melon fragrance

How to use: Hold can 15cm/6 inches away from head and spray over finished style.

Ingredients: UV Protector / Ronstar Silver-Shine Reflective Crystals.


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Please note: cannot be shipped overseas


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