C Bdskinn Dead Sea Mud Mask 30ml

C Bdskinn Dead Sea Mud Mask 30ml

C Bdskinn Dead Sea Mud Mask 30ml
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Brand C Bdskinn
Product Type Masks
Skincare Type Non-Cosmeceutical
Size 30ml
Skin Type All Skin Types
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Take a dip in the Mediterranean with each use of C Bdskinn Dead Sea Mud Mask 30ml. Blended with Color Clay Vulcanus located and identified off of the Mediterranean Coast, this mask is rich in restorative elements and minerals sourced from the Earth, becoming a go to solution for brightening and clearing the skin. Natural trace elements absorb into the skin effortlessly providing restoration for all skin types, one of the most important benefits being the stimulation of cellular metabolism. Minerals within the clay awaken tired and aged skin cells, and encourage their absorption of actives within all cosmetic treatments applied. That is right, this mask will kick that retinol, collagen, moisturiser, Vitamin C serum, and all other products already a part of your regimen into high gear.

By regenerating cells and creating a higher capacity for absorption, this mask is particularly beneficial to oily and/or impure skin. Once cells are primed by the minerals and are ready for the absorption of actives, they can assimilate clays rich sulfur, which dries existing acne and sterilizes toxins within the pore preventing future breakouts. Cells are also immersed in Full Spectrum C BD at a high concentration to ensure there is no over drying. The emollient properties compliment clay minerals and combat possible flakiness from frequent use. C BD is highly praised for its ability to calm and soothe even severe cases of skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, its anti-inflammatory properties making it impure and irritable skins nemesis.

Suitable for: All

How to use: Apply a thin even layer to the face avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 10-15 minutes until dry, then rinse with cool water. Avoid use on damaged or broken skin

Ingredients: Deionized Water, Kaolin, Propylene Glycol, Bentonite, Glycerin USP, Magnesium Aluminum, Silicate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Dead Sea Salt, Camellia Sinensis Extract (Green Tea Extract), Matricaria Recutita Flower Extract (Chamomile Extract), Symphytum Officinale (Comfrey), Extract, Cucumis Sativus Extract (Cucumber Extract), PCR He mp Oil, Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol (and) Caprylyl Glycol (and) Potassium Sorbate (and) Hexylene Glycol, Moringa Oleifera Seed.