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Karin Herzog Oxygen Products

Discover the transformative power of Karin Herzog Oxygen products. This line has been at the forefront of skincare innovation, focusing on the benefits of stabilized active oxygen, a feat once deemed impossible. Dr. Paul Herzog’s extensive research into oxygen's therapeutic effects on the human body led to the development of a unique formula that secured a global patent, marking a significant advancement in skincare technology.

Originally envisioned as a hypoallergenic treatment for burn victims, the potential of oxygen-infused skincare was quickly recognised by Karin Herzog, Dr Paul Herzog's wife. She observed its remarkable ability to regulate epidermal functions, paving the way for its application in everyday skincare. Shop the Karin Herzog range and experience the benefits of oxygen-based skincare for yourself.


After Shave 50ml

An anti ageing cream for men with 1% oxygen and vitamins to soothe skin and calm irritation from shaving. Leaves skin feeling soft, clean and energised in minutes, reducing visible signs of fatigue.


Oxygen Sun 150ml

1% active oxygen. You will acquire a superb, even tan thanks to its oxygen content, Oxygen Sun ensures not only an even melanin spread but also optimal skin hydration.