Aromatherapy Associates Face Oil Collection 6 x 3ml

Aromatherapy Associates Face Oil Collection 6 x 3ml

Aromatherapy Associates Face Oil Collection 6 x 3ml
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Brand Aromatherapy Associates
Skin Type All Skin Types
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A set of face oils to meet your skins demands and provide daily solutions. Experience the powers of the Aromatherapy Associates Face Oil Collection, a set of six different face oils to nourish, revitalise, firm, plump, soothe and balance your skin, this is the ultimate travel and discovery kit.

As our skin is forever changing due to external factors such a environment, hormones, stress, and weather it is important to be able to adapt our skincare routine accordingly. Each bottle in this collection will enable you to treat your skin for a week providing your skin with the treatment it needs at any given time.

Aromatherapy Associates Face Oil Collection includes:

  • Anti Ageing Intensive Skin Treatment Oil 3ml
  • Anti Ageing Fine Line Face Oil 3ml
  • Hydrating Revitalising Face Oil 3ml
  • Hydrating Nourishing Face Oil 3ml
  • Inner Strength Soothing Face Oil 3ml
  • Mattifying Refining Face Oil 3ml

How to use: Cleanse and tone your skin. Choose your appropriate Face Oil, depending on your skins needs at the time. Dispense half a capful of the Facial Oil to your hands and apply a drop of oil onto each area: forehead, cheeks, chin and neck. Massage oil in an upward and outward motion giving your skin a lifting and rejuvenating effect. Use morning and evening.

For optimum results, apply Face Oil on top of Serum and finish with your Moisturiser to lock in all the benefits.


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