Tigi Catwalk Hairista Cream 90ml

Tigi Catwalk Hairista Cream 90ml

Tigi Catwalk Hairista Cream 90ml
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Brand Tigi
Product Type Hair Styling
Skin Type All Skin Types
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Healthy looking hair starts before styling. Tigi Catwalk Hairista Cream works to get hair looking back to its best from the inside out. It is designed to repair 80% of split ends, whilst the formula contains hydrolysed keratin and glycerine to protect and prevent further damage, by penetrating the cuticles and smoothing the outer layer.


  • Repairs 80% of split ends.
  • Helps to prevent further damage.

How to use: Smooth one pump through damp hair from mid-lengths to ends. Apply extra product onto extremely dry tips. Dry and style as usual. Smooth onto dry ends for extra moisture and protection after drying.


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