Scentered Mindful Aromatherapy Mini Balms Collection

Scentered Mindful Aromatherapy Mini Balms Collection

Scentered Mindful Aromatherapy Mini Balms Collection
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Brand Scentered
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Scentered Mindful Aromatherapy Minis Tin is a collection of five best selling 100% natural balms, Sleep Well, De Stress, Be Happy, Focus and Escape. The travel friendly tin is perfect for transporting your balms, helping you stay centered wherever, whenever. Each mini balm contains up to 25 essential oils and is infused with a blend of moringa and shea butters, offering a beautiful and calming scent. Each balm can be used individually to target a specific need or together, as a personal mood and lifestyle support kit. Non greasy finish and long lasting fragrance delivery. The best things do come in small packages.

Scentered Mindful Aromatherapy Minis Tin contains 5 mini balms:

Scentered De Stress Balm 1.5g - A hero product - Balancing and uplifting 100% natural balm to help with the demands of modern life, ease everyday tensions, soothe the mind and lift the spirits.

Scentered Escape Balm 1.5g - An evocative and luxurious 100% natural balm to indulge and pamper the senses. Use whenever you need a bit of cheering up or crave a few precious moments for yourself.

Scentered Sleep Well Balm 1.5g - A deeply therapeutic balm to relax the body, clear the head and quieten the mind to support restful, restorative sleep at home or away.

Scentered Focus Balm 1.5g - A stimulating balm to clear the head, awaken the senses and focus the mind. Apply before an important meeting, event or whenever else you need to be mentally alert, present and engaged.

Scentered Be Happy Balm 1.5g A summer inspired fragrance to naturally brighten your day, lift your mood and boost positivity.

Follow the Scentered Therapy Balm ritual:
STOP and apply to pulse points
INHALE deeply
RESET your mood
Repeat your new ritual as desired.


Tisserand Peppermint Organic Essential Oil 9ml

Strong, menthol rich and refreshing, to cleanse a room and alert the senses. Ideal for vaporisation.


Tisserand Soothing Wheat Cushion Lavender

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Tisserand Grapeseed Ethically Harvested Pure Blending Oil 100ml

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Scentered Sleep Well Therapy Balm 5g

Suitable for those with busy lifestyles and disturbed sleep patterns, this 100% natural balm is the perfect addition to your bedtime routine to support restful, restorative sleep.