Neom Christmas Wish Home Mist 30ml


Neom Christmas Wish Home Mist 30ml

Neom Christmas Wish Home Mist 30ml
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Brand Neom
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Surround your home with the limited edition natural wellbeing fragrance. The Neom Christmas Wish Home Mist is a soothing, traditional scent with expertly blended spicy and fruit oils of mandarin, cinnamon and tonka bean, plus 10 other essential oils to help you relax, unwind and create a warming vibe in your home during the busy festive period.

To get the full Christmas Wish experience, use the Home Mist in places where you need to the soothing scent of Christmas. Surround your home in luxurious fragrance with the NEOM Christmas Wish Home Collection. Our Christmas Wish Home Mist is a comforting blend of 13 pure essential oils including, Mandarin Cinnamon Tonka bean. All expertly blended to help you relax and unwind whilst surrounding your home with the soothing, traditional scent of Christmas.

How to use:

To create a scent cloud, spritz the Neom Home Mist 10cm from fabrics; curtains, carpets and cushions. Breathe in through your nose for 7 seconds and out through your mouth slowly for 11 seconds. Repeat as often as required.


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