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Matis Reponse Eclat Glow Essence Toner 200ml

Matis Reponse Eclat Glow Essence Toner 200ml
RRP £25.66
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Brand Matis
Product Type Toners
Size 200ml
Skin Type Normal To Dry

Unveil your skin's innate luminosity with Matis Reponse Eclat Glow Essence Toner. This multi-faceted toner goes beyond mere cleansing to revitalize your complexion with a blend of ActivGlow complex, optimised Vitamin C, and a triple acid exfoliating complex.

Suitable For: All skin types, especially those desiring a radiant complexion

Exclusive Benefits

  • Activ Glow Complex: Sourced from deep seawater near Noirmoutier Island in France, this complex is rich in essential minerals that rejuvenate, refresh, and brighten your complexion while also detoxifying skin cells.
  • Optimised 8% Vitamin C: A potent antioxidant that decelerates skin ageing by combating free radicals. It metabolises into ascorbic acid, helping to unify your skin tone and diminish irregularities.
  • Triple Acid Exfoliating Complex: Designed for effective exfoliation, this complex helps to shed dulling dead skin cells while invigorating cell renewal for a refreshed, glowing complexion.

How to use: Use daily to cleanse and prime your skin. The toner is the perfect preparatory step, allowing your skin to absorb the full benefits of subsequent beauty products.

Matis Reponse Eclat Glow Essence Toner is more than a simple toner; it's an elixir for skin radiance. With each use, your skin will feel rejuvenated and its natural glow will be more pronounced, leaving you with a complexion that not only looks healthy but feels invigorated.