Maroma Incense Cones Lemongrass

Maroma Incense Cones Lemongrass

Maroma Incense Cones Lemongrass
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Brand Maroma
Product Type Incense
Skincare Type Non-Cosmeceutical
Skin Type All Skin Types
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Maroma Incense Cones Lemongrass contain only natural essential oils. Traditionally used for meditation and for clarity. 100% natural botanical ingredients.

Maroma Cone Incense is certainly one of the most universal and pure methods of delivering the therapeutic benefits of fine incense. It also has the added advantage of being very compact and neat. One small cone delivers an amazing number of pure aromatics but leaves behind just the smallest dollop of ash.

These natural fragrance products are handcrafted produced by Maroma Auroville in India. They are eco-friendly and Fairtrade.