HD Brows Brow Creme Foxy

HD Brows Brow Creme Foxy

HD Brows Brow Creme Foxy
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Brand HD Brows
Product Type Brow Gel
Colour Medium
Skin Type All Skin Types
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HD Brows Brow Creme Foxy gives you long lasting, budge proof brows, ideal for midtones. Applies like a cream but sets like a powder, ensuring a super natural finish and will not smudge for hours. Its innovative catch net ensures the right amount of product is used and picked up on your brush, so that your brows stay looking natural and not overloaded with product.

How to use: Take a small amount from the pot with the Fine Angled Brow Brush, smooth on the back of your hand. Smoothing the brush will create a fine sharp edge. Apply in faint hair strokes to recreate the look of hair.


HD Brows Illuminator

Add a subtle healthy glow to your finished makeup look, with this stunning pressed powder.


HD Brows Browtec Foxy

A precise eye brow pencil that offers excellent coverage. Foxy is best for medium hair and skin.


HD Brows Precision Tweezers

For brow perfectionist, slant tipped tweezers. To grip even the shortest of hairs.


HD Brows Brow Define Vamp

This long lasting eye brow pencil includes a built in sharpener so you can always have a precise tip.