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How To Get Brows Like Kim K

Today I will be teaching you how to create Kim K brows with HD Brows

As one of the most followed people on Instagram, every upload has us wanting to try her latest make up look. Although she can be creative and experimental with her makeup, there is one part that always has a signature style-the brows.

To really get the Kim K look, you will need to give your brows a more curved shape rather than angular. Attempting to change your brow shape at home is a no go, you should always leave brow shaping to the professional, come into our salon and have our therapists work their magic.

When it comes to the size and the thickness, they are more on the slim to medium size, which makes it a really achievable look for most of us! When she wants to go for a fuller look, Kim reaches for make up to define her look.

Let the products do the talking.

Luckily, there are several ways to recreate Kim Kardashians brow look and I would start by finding the product that works best for you. Whether it be a creme, pencil or powder brow product. We have just the thing.

Creating Kim K brow look with creme or powder.

Be sure to use the HD Brows Brow Creme Vamp or the HD Brows Eye And Brow Palette, take a small amount onto your HD Brows Fine Angled Brow Brush and start to define the brow from the tail to arch. Once this has been achieved, avoid applying anymore make up to your brush. Now simply use whatever is left on your brush to fill in the arch to bulb section.

Creating Kim K brow look with a brow pencil.

Can you not live without your brow pencil? Get the traditional brow pencil like the HD Brows Brow Define Vamp or a HD Brows Browtec Vamp, and start at the tail of the brow to build up colour and definition. Once you get to the arch of the brow you will need to gradually lighten the pressure you use when applying the pencil until there is barely any pressure applied at the front.

The same as many of you reading this Kim K has also been on a brow journey and has not always perfected the arches she is rocking today. Dont give up trying to achieve your brow goals.

Profile Photo of Emielia Echeverri author for John and Ginger
Emielia Echeverri
Friday, October 18, 2019

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