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Children And Teens Hair And Beauty Products

Children And Teens skincare products should be gentle on skin and tough on spots. Shop from our range of branded skincare products for teenagers to combat breakouts and oily shine or to balance hormonal skin conditions. We have moisturisers, face washes, spot treatments, scrubs and masks to choose from.



Antiac Activ Liquid Spray 100ml


An intensive treatment to clear acne and breakouts and to treat oily, congested skin on the face, body and hard to reach areas.

£16.99 £12.99


Bioskin Junior Daily Nourishing Spray 100ml


A body spray that immediately helps with itchiness and takes away the immediate dryness, effectively breaking the itch scratch cycle, also suitable for anyone who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or any other skin allergies.

£11.99 £8.99


Best Cleanse Forever Foaming Cleansing Face Wash 100ml

Skin Genius

Daily cleansing face wash is specifically formulated to target spots, breakouts, oily and acne-prone skin, whoever you are. Suitable for pre-teens, teens, pregnancy, menopause and sport.

£16.50 £11.50


All's Well That Gels Well Leave-On Purifying Gel 30ml

Skin Genius

Your new favourite treatment with 12 awards. Transform your skin overnight with our award-winning leave-on purifying gel, an all-in-one treatment designed to target and heal inflamed spots, breakouts, and acne-prone areas on your skin—be it your chest, back, or arms.

£17.50 £12.00
Swissdent My Little Star Kids Toothpaste 50ml
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My Little Star Kids Toothpaste 50ml


Ideal toothpaste for milk teeth, it is unsweetened and flavour-neutral, counteracts the formation of dental plaque and protects against sensitivity.

£9.25 £6.95
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Clearing Skin Wash 100ml

Teen Skin Actives

This cooling daily skin wash will lift away dirt and excess oil without drying or irritating the skin.