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Prep And Maintain Your Spray Tan

For our Spray Tans we use the amazing brand SiennaX. SiennaX has been voted the UK’s no.1 tanning brand by the Guild Awards of Excellence 10 years running. The very best solution on the market and that is why SiennaX is lauded by industry professionals, fashion magazines and most importantly clients.

This blog is all about how to prepare your skin for your spray tan and how to maintain it, so you get the best looking, long lasting tan here with our beauty experts at John And Ginger. All products featured will be linked below for purchase.

Preparing yourself for your spray tan:

We have researched and found that Dove bath and body products do not work well with SiennaX Tan, and should therefore be avoided before and after your treatment, so that your tan lasts as long as it should.

The day before:

  • When in the shower, buff away any dead skin cells with a body scrub, or purchase a SiennaX Body Scrub. This is to reveal the ultimate smooth base for your tan. Pay particular attention to dry areas such as elbows, knees and feet.
  • We advise you to remove any unwanted hair, this is to allow pores plenty of time to close. As tan in your pores will leave you with a dark dotty finish.
  • We recommend you paint your nails and toe nails, and most importantly if you have acrylic extensions this is to prevent the chance of your nails and cuticles from being stained. We do provide special spray tanning wipes, as part of the spray tan routine we will wipe over your nails and toe nails.

On the day of your spray tan:

  • Do not apply deodorant, body lotions or perfume, this is because they will act as a barrier and will stop the tan from sticking to the skin or developing to its full potential.
  • We do provide Disposable thongs, for during your tan but if you would prefer feel free to wear your own pants or a bikini. We advise it them to be black, as the tan will discolour any other coloured pants or bikinis.
  • Please bring dark loose clothing for after your tan, whilst it develops.

We love treating our clients and customers, and want them to receive the best customer service and feel very happy with their treatment before they leave our salon and store.
Our skin experts will also choose skincare samples, that are suitable for your skin type and will help you to target those areas of concern.

Things you must not do during the development period:

  • Go to the gym.
  • No going out in the rain, avoid getting wet completely.
  • No washing up.
  • No to wearing tight clothes as these will rub your tan off and lead to a patchy developed tan.
  • Do not rub your skin after washing the guide colour off, pat dry instead to help your tan last longer.
  • No to wearing white, even though the tan will come off in the washing machine, it could leave a mark on sensitive materials.
  • No to using skincare or body products during the development time.
  • No perfumes and chemicals can react with the tan, causing it to turn green.

How to maintain and prolong your tan:

With the right aftercare advice, you can expect your tan to last 5-7 days.

  • When showering do not use any body was or shower gel unless, you have purchased the SiennaX Face And Body Wash.
  • Shower after your tan between 8-12 hours to reveal your gorgeous developed tan. Unless you have used the 1hr High Intensity tanning, you shower after 1hr to receive a light glow, 2hrs to receive a medium glow and 3-4 hrs to receive a deep glow.
  • Stay in the shower until the water runs clear, this is because if any guide colour left on your skin it will rub off onto your clothes.
  • Use a non-oily moisturiser daily to enhance and prolong your tan, this will also avoid your tan going streaky and crusty in dry areas. You can also purchase the SiennaX Radiance Body Balm.
  • Start to exfoliate after day four to encourage an even wear off, you can use a non-oily exfoliator or purchase the SiennaX Polishing Body Scrub.
  • Remember to use an SPF as any self-tan will not protect your skin from harmful U.V rays.

If you are someone who is a lover of spray tans or Self-tanning, then we advise you purchase special prep and maintain tanning products in our store. We have different brands you can choose from.

We look forward to seeing you at your appointment or hearing from you.

Thank you!

John And Ginger Beauty Experts Alex And Emielia x

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Emielia Echeverri
Friday, October 18, 2019