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How to tan your hands!

Everyone knows tanning your hands is very tricky but do not worry, we have you covered. We have got St Tropez tips and tricks that will not only give you a flawless tan, but the confidence to nail it every time.

Prep and Prime – You have all probably been told this a million times before, but it is essential as your first step to exfoliate. Exfoliating gets rid of all the dry skin cells and any previous fake tan. Hands are normally particularly dry due to frequent washing so we should always be giving our hands some TLC by moisturising, paying attention to the knuckles and palms of the hands.

Applying tan – The fist tip is to tan your hands last and use the left over tan from the mitt, trust us it is enough. Position your hand in a claw like shape, in order to reach the sides and in between your fingers. Gently close your hand creating a loose fist shape, making sure you get in all the creases of your knuckles. To make it easier you can use any make up brush, but we would recommend a powder or kabuki make up brush to give you more control.

Finishing touches – It is all about the finishing touches, for the most even finish. Blend in the wrist with a little bit of moisturiser, either using a buffing mitt or you can rub your wrists together to help blend out the tan.

Fixing any mistakes – Everyone makes mistakes so do not worry if you have made one, practise makes perfect. Whilst perfecting your tan routine you can use a tan remover mousse on any areas you need to correct. Simply apply the mousse and leave up to 5 minutes and watch your tan was away.

If you have any tanning tips, please share! We would love to know.

These tips and tricks can also be used with other tan brands.

Profile Photo of Emielia Echeverri author for John and Ginger
Emielia Echeverri
Friday, October 18, 2019

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