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Get Your Most Perfect Tan Yet With Sienna X

As industry experts, Sienna X have worked extremely hard to create fabulous streak-free self-tan. So everyone can feel like a glowing god or goddess.

Sienna X have kindly shared their five easy steps to apply self-tan for a flawless glow every time.

Step One:

Shave Or Wax At Least 24 Hours Before you Tan - This is the most important step to achieving a flawless colour. Removing unwanted hairs at least 24 hours before, will allow your pores enough time to close completely. Any presence of open pores will result in a spotty, dotty and uneven finish.

Step Two:

Apply Sienna X Perfect Primer - Use this on the drier areas of your body such as knees, elbows, backs of feet and knuckles. Dry patches of skin can often absorb more product than other areas and may result in a much darker and uneven tan.

Step Three:

Use The Sienna X Luxury Self-Tan Mitt - This will protect the palms of your hands because one of the telling signs of self-tan can often be discoloured palms, as they do not tan naturally at all. Use your self-tan mitt with any of your favourite Sienna X Self-Tan products and apply in a circular motion evenly all over the body.

Step Four:

Apply In An Upwards Motion - When applying your self-tanner, its best to work in an upwards circular motion from the feet up to ensure an even coverage. As you work up the body applying your product, you do not risk smudging any product already on your body.

Step Five:

Allow The Colour To Fully Develop Before Showering - This is the second most important step. Depending on which self-tanner you have selected, you will want to follow the development instructions carefully. this will ensure you will get your perfect colour before showering away any guide colour.

When it comes to showering, you want to use lukewarm water until the water runs clear, ensuring there isn't any remaining guide colour on your skin. Be sure to pat yourself dry, rather than rubbing to maintain your beautiful new colour.

To prolong your tan, moisturise using your favourite product daily to keep skin hydrated and lock in your colour.

For more advice and guidance, ask one of our fully qualified Sienna X trained beauty therapist and be sure to follow us on all social media.

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Emielia Echeverri
Wednesday, March 3, 2021

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