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The Beauty Sleep You Aren’t Getting

Take a look into Murads Night Fix Enzyme Treatment a must when targeting the signs of sleep deprivation – so skin looks well rested even if you aren’t.

“Rest Rise & Glow” – Dr. Murad

This treatment repairs skin overnight to give you the radiant, healthier-looking skin associated with a good night’s sleep.

What does it do and how does it work?

  • An anti-ageing peptide, in sync with the body’s circadian rhythm, supports natural repair for renewed skin vibrancy.
  • Murad Tri-Enzyme Technology provides potent antioxidant protection and detoxification to reduce visible signs of premature ageing, such as loss of elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Goes beyond traditional aromatherapy as a functional fragrance that marries the science of sleep with the power of scent using a combination of Violet – delicate and soothing to bring comfort to the mind and Cedarwood - an earthy aroma to help elevate mood to calm the mind, relax and elevate stress.

Why is it different?

A recent study showed that the skin appears 2.5 years younger for those who fall asleep quickly, within 1 hour. When you are sleeping at night your body enters a type of hibernation that allows it to repair itself. This is where DNA enzymes are activated to amplify recovery from the days doses of UV light, toxins, temperature fluctuations and stress.

Did you know?

The skin looses water 3x faster at night? The ingredients found in the Night Fix Enzyme Treatment can help skin hold more water and help prevent overnight skin dehydration and support natural repair.

“I’ve been so stressed that I can’t sleep and it’s making my skin look dull. What can I do”?

Research has shown that poor sleep quality can accelerate sign of skin aging and weaken the skins ability to repair itself at night.

Lack of sleep can lead to increased stress hormones in the body that increases the severity of inflammatory of skin conditions, slow down the body’s natural regeneration of skin cells and reduces skins ability to retain water. Which all have a negative impact of the skins appearance.

The results:

The morning after - Skin looks more refreshed, awakened, more hydrated and well-rested

After 1 week - Skin looks more vibrant, smooth and has an improved texture.

After 4 weeks - Skin looks refreshed, awakened and illuminated

To use PM: After applying moisturiser, massage evenly over the face and neck as the last step of your night-time regime.

Dr Murads Tip:

After applying, cup hands over nose and take 3 deep breaths to set the mood for rest.

Transform your skin by night so that it is glowing in the day. Available to buy below.

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Emielia Echeverri
Wednesday, October 20, 2021