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Put The Glow Back In Ageing Skin With Dermalogica

Has your skin been dull, flaky or uneven lately? It could be related to environmental changes, allergies even stress, or it could just be you are ageing, don't worry this happens to everyone.

The best thing you can do about it is exfoliate!

As we age the cell renewal process slows down and we lose that youthful glow. The dulling, dried and dead skin cells cling to the surface of the skin leaving it looking dull and lacklustre. Exfoliation helps to encourages our inner glow to come back by removing those unsightly, dull lifeless dead skin cells to reveal a smoother, softer skin underneath.

When you exfoliate it enables your moisturiser and any other targeting skincare products that you use to be more effective, as they can penetrate the skin further and have more effect on the concern, whether it is to reduce breakouts, pigmentation, or sensitivity.

I always tell my customers that this is one of the most important steps in your routine, that is along with a sun protector, but we will talk about that another time.

So how do you choose the right facial scrub?

There any many exfoliants available to use at home, they tend to be mild, inexpensive and easy to use. Most of them such as Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, Skin Prep Scrub and Multivitamin Thermofoliant rely on small particles to physically remove the dead skin cells from the skins surface. Leave-on treatments such as Daily Resurfacer tend to smooth skin with hydroxy acids and enzymes which dissolve and digest the dead skin cells.

Which method you choose depends on your skin type, personal preference, time and money. In general the more sensitive your skin is the less friction and frequency you will need.

Expert Tips:

Avoid Abrasive Scrubs: Avoid skin scrubs made of sugar, salt or nuts etc as they tear and irritate the skin. Make sure your scrub contains Jojoba corncob, Rice Bran or microbeads. These ingredients are gentle enough for dry, ageing, sensitised or genetically sensitive skin. However if your skin is oily then you may need to think about an oil absorbing scrub that contain clays such as Kaolin or Diatomaceous.

Exfoliate In The Morning: The best time to exfoliate is in the morning before applying your moisturiser, anti ageing treatments, sunscreen or makeup. Exfoliation can also help makeup last longer. Products applied directly after exfoliating work more efficiently as the surface dead skin cells have been removed.

Everything in moderation: More is not better, if you over exfoliate your skin then it can become dehydrated making the skin more susceptible to sensitisation, irritation, accelerated ageing and UV damage. A few times a week is all that is necessary, however if you prefer to exfoliate more often then choose a mild exfoliant like Daily Microfoliant designed to be used daily.

Profile Photo of Alex Echeverri author for John and Ginger
Alex Echeverri
Monday, March 21, 2016
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator 74g
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Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator 74g


A wonderful exfoliant for instant skin brightening. After just one use your will notice that your skin looks clearer, more refined, polished and brighter.

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Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant Exfoliator 57g
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Daily Superfoliant Exfoliator 57g


A resurfacing, anti pollution powder exfoliant to leave your skin immediately looking and feeling cleaner, for your smoothest skin ever.

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Dermalogica Daily Milkfoliant Exfoliator 74g
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Daily Milkfoliant Exfoliator 74g


A calming exfoliating powder that gently polishes the skin, replenishing and supporting the skins moisture barrier while calming and soothing any sensitivity.

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