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Karin Herzog Face Treatments With Oxygen

Find the treatments details below, however we think you might want to know more about the Karin Herzog products too.

UK Customers Only

Karin Herzog Products

Karin Herzog products are both active and gentle. When using them, you will experience certain actions, depending on your skin’s needs.

To enable you to understand them, here are some of the most frequently observed actions :

You feel a slight tightening effect, as if your skin was undernourished, and your skin tends to be dry?
Karin Herzog creams with oxygen are skin care creams that are quickly absorbed to normalise your skin type. However, biology needs time to adapt.

During this period (around 1½ to 2 months), for the comfort of your skin we recommend applying a Karin Herzog comfort cream, « Night Comfort », «Day Comfort » or « Vitamin H » over your skin care cream; this will provide your skin with all the comfort and elasticity it needs.

Do you feel a slight stinging when applying one of the Karin Herzog creams containing oxygen?

This is perfectly normal: what you feel is the pressure developed by the action of the oxygen, as it changes from liquid to gaseous form. The higher the percentage of oxygen (maximum 4% for the KH body product « Silhouette »), the more it is likely to sting.

What is more, if your skin lacks oxygen it will absorb more quickly this essential element supplied by Karin Herzog creams.

After some months of daily use of KH products with oxygen, the oxygen levels in your skin are re-balanced, and this not unpleasant stinging sensation gradually disappears.

A tip : if you are using the « Silhouette » cream and experiencing quite a lot of stinging, slightly moistening the skin before applying the cream will help reduce this sensation !

Do you have oily skin and a tendency to spots?
Karin Herzog creams with oxygen (and particularly « Oxygen Face ») will quickly normalise this condition. However, oxygen has a really active purifying effect and when you start to use the product, it is possible that your skin will experience even more problems during the first week or so.

Don’t panic ! This is quite right and normal: the oxygen quickly eliminates all toxins and latent minor infections.

Above all, do not stop using the oxygen cream, it needs time to finish its work. You can help eliminate impurities by regular use of « Mild Scrub » by Karin Herzog. A guarantee of healthier, purified, superb skin!

Don’t mix Karin Herzog creams with other brands : the oxygen may cause some ingredients (preservatives for example) to penetrate deeper than they are designed to, thus causing unwanted reactions.

Our recommendation : if you wish to continue using your usual cleansing milk and lotion, rinse your skin with pure water before applying a Karin Herzog cream with oxygen.

Used correctly, Karin Herzog products produce fantastic results and are suitable for all skin types.

Karin Herzog Facial Treatments

Often our skin is the first sign of poor diet, ill health, stress and fatigue amongst a multitude of environmental influences that age and damage the surface and underlying layers. Often we tend to cover up these warning signs with the use of cosmetics and treatments not suitable for the condition.

Our belief is to treat the person as a whole. Revive the skin whilst repairing the inner self with the use of proven massage techniques and essential ingredients taken from nature itself.

Create the right environment with sight, sound and smell to help relax and make you more receptive to the treatment and the ingredients.

Our range of facial treatments:

Pore Draw
The most effective and hygienic manual extraction facial.

Peel & Plump
A fabulous 30 minute facial with staggering results. Revives, softens fine lines, hydrates and plumps.

Spring Clean Facial
The perfect solution to balance and detox young, hormonal complexions.

The Smoothie
A high performance, anti-ageing facial utilising fruit enzymes to replenish and revive.

Chocolate Facial
The fusion of Chocolate and Oxygen lie at the core of the unparalleled results and success of this treatment and its advanced anti-ageing properties!

Monoi Skin Nourisher
Fresh oranges, honey, bananas, warm coconut oil and Herzog’s Oxygen Therapy combine to soothe, soften and rejuvenate.

Karin Herzog Body & Advanced Facials

We aim to provide deeper therapy for real and sustainable results! To effectively and completely treat the face, It is best approached via a 2 pronged attack and you must treat the body first before moving up onto the face.

The body could well be the cause of the problem, and by working with the systems of the body as a whole, you are able to heal and restore well-being. Additionally you should use effective cosmeceutical based skin care.

Working in this way adds so much more to the therapy as the clients health and balance is restored taking salon based treatments to a new dimension.

Our range of body & advanced facial treatments:

The Bodicial
Two of our most popular treatments to help combat problematic, aged and congested skins.

Detox Backcial
This treatment is designed for congested skins in this area and is a treat for party seasons and the summer.

Nourishing Backcial
A super tonic for those who carry stress and strain in the back area or those who find it difficult to relax.

Total Body Meltdown
Recommended as an end of day treat or when not in a hurry and you have time to relax and unwind further afterwards.

Oxy Contour
Especially therapeutic for those who suffer from cellulite! Nothing detoxes like oxygen and nothing provides oxygen therapy like Herzog!

O2 Relax
This treatment uses our own specially developed pressure point massage which helps to nurture and relax.

Choco2 Body
A deliciously indulgent and decadent full body treatment combining Herzog oxygen formulas with pure Swiss chocolate.

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Vita A Kombi 3 Spot Zapper 15ml

Karin Herzog

The essential acne cream with 3% Oxygen to banish spots, cold sores, boils blisters and pigmentation.

£35.00 £32.50