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How To Manage Pre Menstrual Skin

We all experience changes in our hormone levels, whether we are going through puberty, have pre-menstrual symptoms, experience pregnancy or perimenopause and menopause symptoms.

These changes in hormones are the cycle of life but they can cause havoc with our skin, often showing up as breakouts, dryness, pigmentation, dehydration, ageing or increased oil production. Not all hormonal fluctuations cause breakouts, says John And Ginger's Dermalogica Expert Alexandra Echeverri, every skin is different and responds to these changes uniquely. However the greatest impact on the skin is from the menstrual cycle, and this can cause changes in the skin from week to week.

The premenstrual stage during ovulation and menstruation can cause skin to produce more oil and increase skin sensitivity which can lead to more breakouts seen as pustules and papules around the chin, jaw and neck areas. As you move through your cycle testosterone and progesterone levels also change, increasing oil production and inflammation.

A top tip would be to track your menstrual cycle maybe with a period app so that you can adjust your skincare routine before the breakouts occur and keep your skin in balance. You may find that during ovulation or a week before your period you experience more breakouts, so applying a breakout clearing serum to the area where you would usually experience your period spots should help to minimise the impact they have on the skin. Great ingredients to look for are salicylic acid and niacinamide, to keep pores clear and help prevent post breakout pigmentation.

Niacinamide (vitamin B3) is great at fighting breakout causing bacteria and balancing your skins natural microbiome, it is also known to reduce sebum which will help with oily shine and it is anti-inflammatory, so targets those inflamed papules and helps prevent post inflammatory pigmentation.

Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid that dives into the pores and keeps them clear so that the follicle doesn’t get congested.

Both of these ingredients can be found in the Dermalogica AGE Bright Clearing Serum and AGE Bright Spot Fader. The dream duo target those p. Acnes bacteria that cause breakouts. These multitasking formulas are great for clearing and brightening the skin, reducing breakout causing bacteria while promoting even skin tone and reducing inflammation.

Mood and skin are connected so if you suffer with PMT/PMS then looking after yourself a bit more during this time is really be beneficial to the skin. A bit of extra selfcare during this time will work wonders, sticking to a healthy lifestyle with food and exercise really helps. A skin treatment, a massage, a walk, or some mindfulness can all work wonders to reduce your stress.

Make sure you are getting those 8 hours of sleep, a lack of sleep can trigger your adrenal glands to be overactive and stimulate those oil producing hormones. One healthy and natural solution to getting better sleep is to get some extra magnesium an essential mineral that the body doesn't naturally produce, so it needs to come from outside sources from magnesium rich foods. This mineral can often be low, it plays a critical role in the body, is sleep promoting and stress reducing. A great way to get your daily boost is through the skin, at John And Ginger we love Neom Magnesium Body Butters. Available in five different scents, although Scent To Sleep is my go to.

Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon is a light weight and cooling gel cream that revitalizes your skin whilst you sleep so that you wake up with a fresher looking complexion and less signs of fatigue. With encapsulated motion activated lavender essential oil that not only promotes a restful nights sleep, the anti inflammatory properties of the lavender also helps to soothe skin and reduce inflammation of breakouts. This beautifully light and non greasy formula is great for breakout prone skin as a night time treatment to hydrate and restore.

Without realising we transfer acne causing bacteria to our skin from our hands, mobile, hair and bedding. Keep these items clean to help keep your skin clear.

Remember breakouts happen to almost everyone. If you are struggling with your skin you can take our Free Skin Analysis to find out which products are ideal for you. Our Dermalogica professional skin therapists can prescribe you a personalised skin care regimen to start you on your clear skin journey.

Profile Photo of Alex Echeverri author for John and Ginger
Alex Echeverri
Thursday, July 8, 2021

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