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Medik8 UK

Now with Medik8 products you are able to get real results for your skin problems without necessarily changing your entire skincare range. Medik8 can be slotted into current skin care programs in order to deal specifically with a skin condition, targeting the problem area by delivering the specialised active ingredients directly to the area of concern. Research and technology forms are an integral part of the Medik8 philosophy to help your skin and make it look at its best.

Imagine that your skin could self-defend itself from air pollution, cigarette smoke, computer screen rays, UV radiation, harsh weather... etc.– you would probably have smooth, wrinkle and blemish free, beautiful complexion. Unfortunately, the free-radical, sun-induced and environmental damage is something our skin can’t cope with on its own. Medik8 can help revitalise your skin and prevent further damage with its revolutionary anti-oxidant, retinol, vitamin C and other cutting edge preventative and corrective products.

Devoted to delivering only the highest quality cosmeceutical formulae, Medik8 understands that today’s customers are more results driven and have higher expectations from skin care products than their predecessors. Modern women wish to maintain smooth problem-free skin for longer but the fast pace of life, stress, career and unfavourable weather conditions work contradictory to this desire and accelerate the process of skin ageing. Therefore, for the last decade Medik8 has primarily concentrated their product research and development on the anti-ageing benefits and the treatment of major skin cosmetics concerns. Innovations in the use of peptide and antioxidant technologies as well as high-dose, clinically proven, multiple vector botanical extracts gave birth to an innovative collection of treatment products, formulated to help restore youthfulness to the skin as well as target skin redness, hyper-pigmentation and acne. Medik8’s ground-breaking antioxidant product line can help combat the sun-induced damage to the skin, trigger collagen synthesis, increase the skin’s elasticity and density as well as improve the skin’s texture and brighten the complexion.

Medik8 are focused on results and, where relevant, only uses airless packaging for their products to ensure the product remains as effective at the last dose as it is at the first. Medik8 also incorporates liposome and unique nanotechnology delivery systems for maximum penetration of actives.

The key cornerstones of the Medik8 philosophy are:

Pharmacologist development - At Medik8, all products are researched and developed by in-house Pharmacologists, to ensure maximum effectiveness

Cocktail theory – Medik8 products attack skin problems using multiple clinically proven actives, each at up to 3 times their trial dosages

Bio-availability - There is no point having a magic bullet if there is no gun to fire it. Thus all Medik8 formulae are delivered to the target area either by using fat-based nano-emulsions or liposome/nanosome delivery vehicles

Airless Packaging - Where relevant, all Medik8 products are stored in airless packs to ensure all ingredients stay as fresh and as potent from lab production to final dose

Medik8 Skin Types

Normal skin is usually clear in complexion with minimal blemishes. The pore size is often small to medium, giving the skin an even and smooth appearance.

Oily / Combination
Oily/ combination skin will have a shiny appearance and an oily feel to the skin. The pore size is usually increased. The combination of excess oil production and enlarged pores can lead to blackheads. The oiliness may be centralised on the face in the classic ‘T-zone’ area.

Dry Skin
Dry skin can often feel very tight, with flaking or peeling patches. The skin is matte in appearance, with very small pores, and infrequent blemishes. Dry skin can often be sensitive to temperature fluctuations and is often associated with seasonal changes.

Acneic / Problematic Skin
Problem skin produces too much oil and has enlarged pores due to this. The pores become clogged with excess oil, dead skin cells and bacteria, which leads to blackheads and white-heads. Blemishes can be small white heads, to large, sore lesions.

Redness Prone Skin
Redness-prone (erythematous) skin can often suffer with facial thread veins or rosacea. The skin has a high density of blood at the surface due to bleeding at the site of capillary damage which leads to a ‘flushed’ look.

Medik8 Skin Care Products

Now with Medik8 products you are able to get real results for skin problems without necessarily changing your entire skincare range - Medik8 can be slotted into current skincare programs in order to deal specifically with a condition, targeting the problem area by delivering the specialised active ingredients directly to the area of concern. Research and technology forms an integral part of the Medik8 philosophy.

Medik8 ® is the latest in advanced European skincare. With a wide variety of anti ageing formulas injection free, skin care solutions, and daily care products, medik8 is leading the way with breakthrough skin care biotechnology.

Our Medik8 Skin Care Ranges

Daily Use: Prevention is always better than cure. With Medik8's daily range, your skin gets the best prevention possible, while at the same time making your skin look and feel great.

Solutions: Specifically targeted skin care. The 'Solutions' range is targeted to specific skin problems.

Injection Free: Alternatives to drastic measures. Medik8's injection-free range contain clinically proven actives, for the strongest possible topical treatments.

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