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Karin Herzog UK

Karin Herzog are the original, patented, proven formulas used and supported by Doctors and dermatologists globally. Karin Herzog is not about marketing or inventing creams for the sake of it they only want true results.

UK Customers Only

No other cream, to this date has the remarkable ability to self massage itself deep within the tissues. There are many companies that have tried to copy it, but all have been unsuccessful.

Not developed as a cosmetic but an aid to sterilisation in medical applications. Amazing cosmetic results, forced the formula to become a truly advanced, medical grade, skin care range.

Different from any other range because of oxygen and vitamin A.

Karin Herzog are the only creams available that can trap oxygen and throw it into the skin and have been proven to work by using a medical Po2 Analyser. We have documented clinical trials to prove the efficiency of the products and not one but two global patents for delivering oxygen and vitamin A to the cells proving these creams really are genuine.

No machines, no gimmicks, no hype, no contest.

Delivers the necessary raw materials the skin needs to repair and replenish itself showing a visible difference within days, but 28 days optimum.

Suitable for all skin types, don’t have to stock a wide range of products.

Karin Herzog is well established and widely endorsed by the medical profession and celebrities alike.

The creams spring clean and detox deep down because from age 24 the walls of our capillaries thicken as toxins build up from our diet and pollution. Oxygen controls sebum production and helps promote collagen production in the skin, so these products balance the skin.

It is a holistic range and gives the skin only ingredients that the skin needs and recognises.

The most effective age management system available as these creams put into the skin what age takes out. Natural oxygen goes to your skin last and your face last of all, that is one of the main reasons that our face ages first.

One of the few cellulite creams available that doesn’t contain caffeine.

Fantastic for sports problems due to overuse of muscle.

The Story of Karin Herzog

All Karin Herzog skincare products are based on the research of Dr. Paul Herzog, Doctor Honoris Causa of the Nobel Institute, an eminent scientist, inventor of the artificial respiration system used throughout the world. The first scientist to successfully stabilise active oxygen, a source of pure energy, in a medical grade emulsion and to patent his invention internationally.

Encouraged by the results, the enthusiasm and the loyalty of thousands of clients, Dr. Herzog and his wife Karin Herzog a qualified aesthetician and leading figure in her own right, developed the Karin Herzog skincare range, a science based, ultra performing medical grade skin care brand, the quality of which is unrivalled in the world of cosmetics.

Karin Herzog’s oxygen skincare products are an exciting new concept in skin perfection, maintenance and enhancement. This cutting edge anti-ageing breakthrough has developed from advanced medical technology and been adapted and applied to the cosmetic industry with amazing results.

The scientific technique of suspending oxygen in the form of a liquid within an emulsion has world-wide patents. Oxygen is a vital element required by the skin, oxygen deficiency accelerates the ageing process. Karin Herzog oxygen skincare boosts the natural levels of oxygen in our skin so it can function property, increase the rate of cell renewal, absorb essential nutrients, be more effective at eliminating toxins and therefore enhance its appearance.

All Karin Herzog skincare products are made in Switzerland, not tested on animals, Hypo-Allergenic.

The Science of Karin Herzog

Dr. Paul Herzog, the son of a Swiss Diplomat and Austrian mother was born in 1911 he studied in Bucharest, Vienna and Stockholm.

In 1948 he pioneered and discovered the ‘respirator’ which is used to ventilate the lungs of patients undergoing surgery, he also worked and researched to counteract the poliomyelitis epidemic, the disease attacked the lungs of sufferers who died from asphyxiation and he also invented a method by which the respiratory tracts are humidified with the aid of ultra-sound, this enabled the exact measurements of humidity needed on inspiration, another invention of Dr. Herzog is the famous method of calculating artificial ventilation which is currently used by the medical profession today throughout the world.

His initial research and speciality was the importance of oxygen for every living being. It is through this research he pioneered and developed the stabilisation of oxygen into an emulsion cream. Dr Paul Herzog fully realised the benefits his invention would bring to the medical world, after years of research he successfully internationally patented his oxygen medical grade emulsion.

However, he did not realise what an effect his cream would have on the world of cosmetics as it was during his initial research that it was discovered by Karin Herzog, that this oxygen medical grade emulsion was in fact a skin cream that is exceptionally suited to all skin types, has the scientific power to transform the skin, breathing new life and delivering oxygen vitality deep into the skin.

Karin Herzog Beauty Institute skincare brand was launched on the shores of Lake Geneva, this world leading, internationally patented oxygen skincare formula is now used by celebrities around the globe.

Once you start using the range you will experience the science and beauty and achieve amazing results.

Anti Cellulite

A test conducted on 20 women concluded that both thigh and hip circumferences showed a statistically significant decrease at the end of the treatment. On the basis of these results, the test substance DYNAMIC DUO, has to be considered effective as an ant-cellulite treatment.

Anti Wrinkle

We can therefore conclude that the anti-wrinkles treatment is effective in reducing significantly the average skin rugosity of volunteers in the adopted experimental conditions.

Skin Hydrating

We can therefore assess that the test substances are EFFECTIVE as a skin hydrating cosmetic product under the adopted experimental conditions.

Not Tested on Animals

Certification that all the safety and effectiveness assays we were charged to make on the cosmetic products branded Karin Herzog / Dr. Paul Herzog , were carried out on in vitro cell cultures or on human volunteers.

Discovery and Research

The Ethos

The overriding philosophy behind the Karin Herzog range is to ‘let the skin breathe’. The human body is a wonderfully efficient sophisticated mechanism; it is simply that sometimes we lack the nutrients and energy vital for balance and well-being.

Dr Paul Herzog

Dr Herzog then started research on the early ageing process of the skin of the face. He was the first to have the idea of using the "2Hoffmann LaRoche pO2 Analyser" to measure the oxygen pressure of the face at different ages.

Transcutaneous Local Supply of the Oxygen Menu

A Milestone in Cosmetology written by Dr Paul Herzog.
"Despite the substantial amount of research already devoted to identifying the causes of the early ageing of the skin of the face, the question is still attracting considerable interest."

Why We Age

Just as Dr. Herzog was the first scientist to stabilise oxygen, so was he the first to undertake extensive research into why an oxygen rich emulsion should have such a dramatic effect on the facial skin.

Revitalising the Blood Vessels

You can only put oxygen into the skin under the correct atmosphere conditions. These products have been clinically proven to stimulate a hyper-baric oxygen chamber.

Oxidise Rather Than Poison

When Dr Herzog began studying the problem, doctors had been trying for more than half a century to ‘fix’ oxygen. The aim was to ‘oxidise’ bacteria rather than ‘poison’ them, in a process, which would have no harmful effects.

Karin Herzog Frequently Asked Questions

Can oxygen help with acne and breakouts?

Yes. It is virtually impossible for bacteria to survive in oxygen and that is why, when a spot appears on the surface of the skin, the oxygen in the air kills it. By putting oxygen into the skin we first detox, then control/destroy/prevent future breakouts. See also: Under the skin and Acne & Karin Herzog (PDF)

Why does my skin dry when first using the home-care products?

By the time we get to 24 years old the activity/oxygen in the skin slows down. Collagen production diminishes as the skin loses its energy and essential raw materials. By putting these back into the skin we ensure an increase in collagen production. To build up this process the skin will need more water and vitamin A whilst the production levels rise. As a dry/mature/dehydrated skin has less intercellular fluid than a younger/oilier skin, the effect can result in drier skin temporarily. I stress however, that this is temporary (approximately up to 6-7 weeks). Once the collagen production process is built up, the fluid intake subsided and the skin balances out. To help prevent this happening always tell dry/mature/dehydrated clients to use the Facial Oil underneath the Vita-A-Kombi. If dryness occurs try the Fruit Acids Cream before the Facial Oil, and/or Vitamin H Cream on top of the Vita-A-Kombi, both will be beneficial to the skin in there own right. Alternatively in the evening you could use the Additional Night Cream to give the skin extra comfort.

Why do some of the products contain liquid paraffin?

There is no clinical or medical evidence to support that Liquid Paraffin is harmful to the skin. In fact, we have been putting it on baby’s bottoms for years. Liquid Paraffin has the major benefit of binding a product together and eliminating the need to add lots of preservatives. Some preservatives have been clinically diagnosed as harmful to the skin and many have allergic tendencies. Liquid Paraffin is therefore better than preservatives and actually helps to soften and nourish the skin. In our Professional Cleansing Cream it is the Liquid Paraffin and Sesame Oil combined that means we have one of the few cleansers on the market that is preservative free.

Isn’t Hydrogen Peroxide A Bleach And Therefore Too Harsh For My Skin?

Hydrogen Peroxide WILL NOT and CANNOT bleach the skin. The action and power of the liquid oxygen in Hydrogen Peroxide converting to oxygen gas on contact with catalyse is what can slowly lighten human hair. This same power/energy however, is what will detox and stimulate all the skins natural processes and functions. In our creams we use only a tiny amount of concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide. Not enough to bleach eyebrows and hair instantly, but enough to transform the condition of anyone’s skin. As Hydrogen Peroxide is a common substance found in ALL humans (especially in the gut), it is not too harsh for even the finest and most delicate of skins. It IS recognised AND utilised by the skin as it breaks down to oxygen gas and pure water to essential basic and providential elements for beautiful, healthy, living skin. It is manufactured by our body and helps regulate cell membranes and hormones. It is vital for the regulation of blood sugar utilisation and production of energy in all body cells and helps boost our immune system.

Why Should I Wipe The Cream Off My Eyebrows?

Because slowly, over several continued applications, the energy generated by the oxygen conversion to gas from liquid, will begin to lighten the natural colour of hair.

What Are The Best Products For Hyper-Pigmentation.

Treat the face as a whole, not just the pigmented areas, as the oxygen will alter the tone of the entire complexion. Always use Vita-A-Kombi Oil underneath Vita-A-Kombi 2 for skins with hyper-pigmentation.

Doesn’t Retinol Thin The Skin And Make It Light Sensitive?

Acid vitamin A (retinoic Acid) will thin the skin, as it is acidic when applying to the epidermis. In our products the vitamin A is a buffered, neutralised vitamin A that only becomes acid when the oxygen converts to gas from liquid. The change to acid from neutral vitamin A takes place underneath the epidermis and so doesn’t thin, burn or make the skin photosensitive. The oxygen and vitamin A formulas from Karin Herzog are in fact essential for the skin that is exposed to sunlight because of the water content provided to the dermis and the repairing and energy properties of the oxygen.

What Products Should I Use For Dermatitis / Rosacea / Eczema / Psoriasis?

Ideally Vita-A-Kombi Oil, Vita-A-Kombi 2 and Vitamin H Cream

How Do I Apply The Creams Without Massage and Why?

The force of the oxygen converting to gas from liquid upon contact with human skin, will throw the oxygen deep into the tissues. If you have maximum contact with the hands, much of the cream will penetrate the palms instead of the face.

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