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Dermo28 UK

DERMO28 was born in 1995 thanks to a team of professionals highly specialised in therapy and treatment of skin. The team is composed by cosmetologists, doctors, marketing professionals, psychologists: professionals with different backgrounds united by the same curiosity, and by the common desire of exploring and of innovating.

Nowadays the huge work of the DERMO 28 Research Facility, directed by the Professor Giampiero Mazzocchetti, and the constant experimentation in qualified facilities such as Università degli Studi dell’Aquila, are the elements that keep on distinguishing us and of which it is proud.

DERMO28 competence further made us privileged partners of SPA's and facilities of international fame that trusted us in providing high-level products and services. Thanks to these valuable collaborations, they built a unique experience and know-how that have made us stand out for over 20 years.

PASSION is a feeling coming from the bottom. Passion creates ACTION. Passion pushes to carry out courageous choices and to create what seemed to be impossible. And it is exactly from that Passion that it arises. From Passion for Real and Durable Results. From Passion for a skin which smiles and shines of vitality and energy. From Passion for Life, Health and Beauty. And it is the same passion that keeps driving Dermo28 for more than 20 years towards real and tangible results. Because DERMO28 Passion is a Passion for Results.

The Name DERMO28 was not born casually: 28 days is the period that cells employ to regenerate and regeneration for us is a synonym of life and energy. All products have been studied with methodology and precision in order to promote, sustain and simplify the process of cellular regeneration so that the skin, also the one more fatigued and weary, could revive to a new life. Even more beautiful, smiling and bright. Their philosophy is indeed based on two fundamental concepts: CELLULAR INNOVATION and OPTIMAL HYDRATION. The secret of DERMO28 Research Facility consists in creating cosmetics with a high concentration of active ingredients, absolutely safe and applied with specific and exclusive procedures customised for any skin concern. All Dermo28 products are scientifically tested on humans because we want to make sure that each of their product can be reliable, safe and of proved effectiveness.

It has not only the objective of opposing specific cutaneous problems, but goes directly to HEART. Thanks to unmistakable textures and to pleasant, but moderate, fragrances, their formulations stimulate your senses in order to help you in reaching a deep and long lasting sensation of wellness. The easiness of application and the extreme practicality in use, will make your experience UNIQUE and THRILLING. Their products are made of emotions and creativity: ingredients that you will not find written on products' packaging, but that you will feel on your hands, anytime you will use it.

Made in Italy

Since always the Made in Italy has been recognised as a symbol of excellence, elegance, beauty and quality. For DERMO28 Made in Italy is a value in which they believe in and from which they constantly draw inspiration. Exactly for that reason every DERMO28 formulation is designed and produced in Italy, taking advantage from the most innovative scientific researches and from most performing technologies. Their strong point is the big attention to details, to the research of beauty in any form, to taste, to sober but considerable elegance. As most refined clothes, Their skincare products adapt to your skin always giving you a unique and inimitable experience. All this has made DERMO 28 an international brand, recognised and distributed in many countries around the world.

The Charity

John And Ginger joined forces with Dermo28 to help the “Need You Onlus” project. A small percentage of their sales goes towards helping children in need by building houses. NEED YOU Onlus is a NO-PROFIT organisation set up in order to help poor children living in Don Orione foundation's communities all over the world. At the moment, Need You also supports other organisations which help children in difficult situations.

Profile Photo of John Echeverri author for John and Ginger
John Echeverri
Saturday, May 13, 2023