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Decleor Skincare

Recognised around the world for over 40 years as the trusted expert and innovator in premium aromatherapy skincare products and treatments. Decleor continues to amaze and delight with pioneering aromatherapy products, each formula is 95% natural with only pharmaceutical quality essential oils used. Formulations are professionally blended by expert aromatherapists to deliver targeted and proven skincare products ;to enhance the skin's natural health and radiance. Using sublime and transformative textures for a seductively sensorial experience.

Decleor began its incredible journey in France three decades ago and now has many products with award winning status, with recognition from both the beauty industry.

Decleor Skin Products are synonymous with balance and emotional harmony, Decleor is, quite simply, the best sanctuary you can give your skin. Decleor Products are available in several tailored ranges:

  • Aromessence
  • Face Range
  • Body Range
  • Men’s Range
  • Sun Range

Essential Oils

The skin is a mirror that reflects your general state of health. A physiological disturbance, a dietary imbalance, poor lifestyle or any kind of stress is all it takes for the body to reflect the problem directly on the skin. Essential Oils are particularly effective in addressing these “disorders” thanks to their rebalancing properties. Impermeable to water, but permeable to gases and oils, the epidermis is able to absorb Essential Oils. This perfect affinity allows Essential Oils to penetrate the skin deep-down.

Essential Oils can enhance your body and your well-being by three important ways:

  • Through massage, they are able to enter the bloodstream, resulting in positive body changes
  • Once applied, the Essential Oils have a profound effect on the body, are able to simulate or relax, soothe or purify the skin.
  • Finally, the simple act of inhaling Essential Oils causes your body and emotions to respond positively.

Decleor designs precise combinations of Essential Oils selected for their specific cutaneous or olfactory properties. These are called Decleor Aromessence serums. The harmonious energies of essential and plant oils help to maintain or restore the skin’s optimum balance, by providing it with vitamins, minerals and energy straight from nature.

Decleor’s exceptional expertise of Essential Oils and research have enabled us to select 38 Essential Oils which are used in 150 formulations. Decleor offers a unique art of beauty using the power of aromatherapy and the energy of Essential Oils for your natural beauty.


Although the therapeutic qualities of Essential Oils have been acknowledged for over 5,000 years, the centuries old art of Aromatherapy is also a very contemporary science. French Chemist René Gattefossé coined the actual term Aromatherapy early in the 20th century and Decleor has lead the way in terms of expertise and innovation for the past 40 years.

Aromatherapy works by harnessing the concentrated life force of a plant’s flowers, leaves, resins or fruits (herbs, bark and roots can also be used) to create potent Essential Oils. These natural oils have many different beauty and well-being uses depending on their natural properties, which may be stimulating or toning, healing or de-congesting, relaxing or soothing. Traditionally extracted through steam distillation the amount of essence obtained from each plant can vary enormously and often means a vast quantity of petals or leaves are needed to yield just a few kg of Essential Oil. For example, 100kg or orange blossom is needed to create 100g of neroli Essential Oil. As a result, Essential Oils are highly prized meaning they must be treated with the greatest care and respect to ensure they do not lose any of their potency. Essential Oils are also rich in natural compounds, often containing over 100 different substances each of which has a different action meaning a high level of expertise is required to successfully balance the effects of these magical elixirs.

At Decleor at least three different Essential Oils are used in every Aromessence Concentrate to maximise its beneficial effects and obtain the perfect balance of ingredients for a glowing complexion. But these oils are not only good for skin; they also stimulate olfactory senses and can positively affect the way we respond to stress making aromatherapy the ideal beauty solution today and for the future.


For over four decades Decleor has been recognised as the expert in aromatherapy skincare. Continually at forefront of the beauty industry – developing products that can dramatically increase not only well-being but also complexions of every age – Decleor’s experience and knowledge of natural ingredients is second to none. The first company to create and market a range of modern day aromatherapy products, Decleor has pioneered some of today’s best-loved skincare saviours including Aromessence Neroli and Hydra Floral.

The range of aromatherapy treatments includes blissful yet problem-solving facials as well as heavenly slimming, firming and relaxation treatments plus pampering mother-to-be programmes that can be found in salons and spas worldwide. Our Decleor men’s range and anti-ageing Aroma Suncare ensures no one – and no change in climate – is left out. Now with more than 100 divinely effective skincare and bodycare solutions we are committed to trading fairly and ethically too so you can be sure every product you use has been developed with a genuine respect for the environment. Put our expertise to the test and you’ll find that Decleor quickly becomes a way of life, providing the very essence of modern beauty day in… day out.

Aromatherapy Expert

At the very heart of Decleor’s success and philosophy are the Essential Oils and powerful beauty-enhancing Decleor Aromessence serums. Standing as the Aromatherapy expert, Decleor offers you to be in harmony with yourself and your environment, revealing the natural expression of your beauty with the finest and most natural beauty products.

Decleor offers a unique art of beauty, based on combining aromatic essences from a rigorous selection of natural ingredients and exclusive plant blends, resulting in effective and sense-enhancing daily care routines. These powerful beauty solutions of regenerating energy, containing active Essential Oils, have been specially formulated to ensure the optimum affinity with the skin and provide a targeted beauty rituals for improved effectiveness.

Decleor’s unique AROMA DUO CONCEPT stars the finely balanced Aromessence serums and innovative beauty creams for unique and outstanding results.

Aromessence serums are 100% pure, 100% natural, 100% active and 100% preservative-free beauty concentrates which give optimum results every time. Tailored to the skin’s needs, Aromessence serums have a delicate and silky texture and are applied before the day creams to boost their effectiveness. The benefits of the unique AROMA DUO beauty ritual applies to the face and body.

With Decleor’s precious concentrates, the unique art of beauty and professional treatments so you can be sure that when you use Decleor, you are treating yourself to the very best that science and nature has to offer.

Slimming Range

Why not reduce those unwanted curves a little more every day with our expert care products? Decleor has created an expert slimming range to target cellulite, water retention and unwanted curves.

The cellulite affects 90% of women and is formed by a natural biological process. Woman body is particularly prone to store fat, mainly on the hips, stomach, buttocks and thighs. Decleor has drawn on its expertise in Aromatherapy and plants and has created the expert Slim Effect range with two key elements: the Exclusive Lipo-Cellulor Complex, a powerful fat-cell burning complex, and a range of ultra effective draining and boosting Essential Oils of Sweet Majoram, Elemi and Grapefruit.

The Aromessence SLIM EFFECT DRAINING CONTOURING SERUM is a 100% natural serum of Essential Oils that acts on the affected areas to refine the figure, visibly reduce the appearance of uneven, orange peel-skin, and eliminate water and toxins. Delicate and silky, it has a natural affinity with the skin, instantly absorbing after application without leaving an oily film on the skin.

With its fresh and non-sticky texture the SLIM EFFECT LOCALISED CONTOURING GEL-CREAM helps promote the reduction of existing fat cells and prevents the formation and storage of new ones (thanks to the Lipo-Cellulor Complex and Caffeine). This powerful localised treatment on cellulite additionally stimulates the micro-circulation and decongests saturated tissues, restoring the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

A 100% natural SLIM EFFECT BALM is specifically formulated to combat the appearance of uneven, orange-peel skin and cellulite. Rapidly absorbed, it stimulates the micro-circulation and decongests saturated tissues. The trio of toning oils of Lemongrass, Geranium and Rosemary act to firm the body and reduce the appearance of uneven, orange-peel skin. Perfect for massage, the Balm is best to use at night and allow to work while you sleep.

Hydra-floral Range

Skin as fresh as a flower! A promise kept by the new generation HYDRA-FLORAL range, combining the technology of “aquaporins” – cell irrigation channels – with targeted active plant ingredients to cloak the skin in a veil of freshness. Specially designed for skin exposed to daily stress and harsh environmental elements, the HYDRA-FLORAL skincare regime leaves skin deeply hydrated, comfortable and radiant. The HYDRA-FLORAL range includes five delicious products:



At the very heart of Decleor’s success and philosophy is the Aromessence. These concentrated elixirs of potent Essential Oils are formulated for either the face or body.

Exceptionally finely balanced so they give optimum results every time, each Aromessence is 100% pure, 100% natural, 100% active and 100% preservative free. The Aromessence not only has an exceptional affinity with the skin, easily penetrating to treat it at the deepest point, but also acts as a ‘booster’ to any subsequent products used.

Aromessence Oils

Aromessence Oils are at the heart of Decleor. Made from a precise and expertly blended cocktail of Essential Oils they have the power to soothe, revitalise, re-hydrate and re-balance skin of any age. In fact it was the creation of the first Aromessence Concentrate back in the 1970s that heralded the beginning of a skincare revolution for millions of women and made Decleor the leaders in Aromatherapy.

Based on the uplifting and nourishing benefits of calming, decongesting and toning Essential Oils, Aromessence Neroli Comforting Concentrate is 100% pure, natural and preservative-free. This legendary beauty elixir offered visibly smoother and radiant skin from the very first application and has gone on to win countless beauty awards over the years. It remains a best-seller and is now supported by five other facial oils – all based on natural ingredients – to perfect every type of skin, from dry to oily, sensitive to mature.

Just as back then, today’s blends also have exceptional affinity with the skin, penetrating deep down to deliver vital elements just where they are needed (to the actual skin cells) for a healthier complexion from within. Aromessence Oils have the incredible ability to significantly boost the benefits of any creams or serums applied afterwards too. Decleor calls this the Aroma Duo Concept and there’s one to suit every skincare need. Incredibly easy and pleasurable to use just a few drops of Aromessence massaged into skin are all that’s required each morning to make a real difference to your skin; in the evening there’s the ideally balanced corresponding Aromessence Night Balm that works while you sleep for a softer, more luminous complexion in the morning. You will also find these precious elixirs used in all Decleor Facials to pamper and nurture skin for exceptional results, all year round.

Aromessence Iris

The 100% pure and natural Aromessence Iris is the quickest and most direct beauty routine available to offer daily care and protection to mature complexions. Specially formulated with nature’s most potent anti-ageing Essential Oils, the Aromessence Iris on the skin to help redefine facial contours and soften the signs of ageing.

The key active ingredients are the Concrete of Iris which stimulate cell renewal and the Essential Oils of Manuka which soften, relax and relieve stress. The Essential Oils of Lemon-grass act additionally to boost skin firmness and the Essential Oils of Geranium help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The skin feels smoother and firmer, the wrinkles and fine lines are reduced.

Morning and evening, apply 2 drops of Aromessence Iris on a cleansed face and neck using Decleor acupressure method (link), pressing in with fingertips and finishing with light sweeping strokes. Delicate and silky, thanks to its natural affinity with the skin, the Aromessence Iris is rapidly absorbed after application, without leaving an oily film on the skin. The powdery and precious fragrant notes of Aromessence Iris promote well-being and re-balance vital energies.


Aromessence Neroli

The award-winning Aromessence Neroli is a 100% natural beauty serum, combining 6 Essential and Plant Oils formulated to provide continual radiance, softness and protection against external aggressions. Winning additional awards, the Aromessence Neroli has gained its iconic status and recognition by both industry experts and customers.

The key active ingredients are the Essential Oils of Neroli which calm and soften the skin, the Essential Oils of Petitgrain which decongest and tone, and the Essential Oils of Sage which act to revitalise the complexion.

Morning and evening, apply 2 drops of “Aromessence Neroli on a cleansed face and neck using Decleor acupressure method, pressing in with fingertips and finishing with light sweeping strokes.

Suitable for all skin types, the Aromessence Neroli can be used all year round to help promote and maintain a glowing and radiant complexion. For boosted efficacy follow with the application of HYDRA FLORAL ANTI-POLLUTION – FLOWER NECTAR MOISTURISING CREAM.

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