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Makeup Tips With Absolution

Absolution has teamed up with Celebrity Makeup Artist, Christophe Danchaud. The idea was to fashion the perfect makeup collection, one that was natural and organic, that combined true colours and care but also contained no suspicious ingredients and delivered professional results.

The Sweet And Safe collection was then born. Clean, eco-friendly makeup. Carry on reading for the top makeup tips from celebrity makeup artist Christophe Danchaud.


For medium coverage, apply the La Creme du Teint. Pat on lightly all over the face, using a makeup sponge or brush, or you can mix it in with your face cream.

If you have bluish dark circles surrounding the under eye area, apply the Le Multicorrecteur 10 to neutralise. Then apply the Le Multicorrecteur in the shade that suits your skin tone to conceal imperfections and brighten the eye area.

Follow up with La Poudre for a smooth and flawless complexion.


Now that you have completed your face makeup, it’s time for the eyes. If you are a winged eyeliner type of person pick up the Liquid Eyeliner Black and begin by drawing an upward line starting from the outside corner of your eye and follow the natural shape of your eye. Then draw a line from your teardrop towards the first line you created. Finally, fill in the wing.

If you have slightly dropping eyelids go for and eyeshadow in light or nude shades to avoid making your eyes look more closed. We recommend Smoky Eyeshadow Gold.

Last but not least apply Le Mascara from roots to tips of eyelashes, using gentle zigzag movements to separate the lashes.


Begin by applying Le Baume, which nourishes and repairs the lips making it ideal in winter. Then apply your go to lipstick, either by lightly patting it on so your lips look naturally coloured, or by applying it straight from the tube for a bolder look.

Top Tip:

Absolution Lipsticks are made with natural ingredients, so you can use them in different ways and not just on your lips. For example you could use yours as a blush and dab it on your cheekbones for a healthy glow.

Finishing Step:

Now you have applied your makeup, you can spritz three sprays of the La Brume Systemique, for an ultra radiant complexion.

Profile Photo of Emielia Echeverri author for John and Ginger
Emielia Echeverri
Friday, November 13, 2020

Absolution Tinted Moisturiser Light La Creme Du Teint 30ml

The ideal face care treatment for those seeking a perfect complexion, healthy skin with natural protection from the sun and pollutions. Known as La Creme Du Teint Light

£32.00 £30.00

Absolution Bi-Phase Moisturising Mist La Brume Systemique 100ml

A balancing cocktail of natural ingredients to tone, moisturise and regulate your skin, looking after its natural eco system so that it optimises your skins protective power. Also known as La Brume Systemique.

£27.00 £24.00

Absolution Multi Corrector Concealer 02 Le Multicorrecteur 9ml

Erase dark circles, conceal and brighten complexion. Suitable for light to medium skin tones.


Absolution Tinted Moisturiser Medium La Creme Du Teint 30ml

The ideal face care treatment for those seeking a perfect complexion, healthy skin with natural protection from the sun and pollutions. Known as La Creme Du Teint Medium.

£32.00 £30.00

Absolution Mascara Black Le Noir 10ml

Separate, lengthen and thicken lashes with this black mascara. Also known as Le Mascara Noir.

£23.00 £20.00

Absolution Multi Corrector Concealer 10 Le Multicorrecteur 9ml

Designed to conceal areas of shadow, dark circles, uneven pigmentation and blemishes. An apricot tone.


Absolution Glow Lip Gloss 4ml

A gloss lips will love, an oil that transforms into a shiny, tinted, emollient gel film.


Absolution Face Powder Light La Poudre 9g

Ultra fine loose mineral powder. Set makeup and light up the face a very natural-looking finish. Shade Light.


Absolution Face Powder Medium La Poudre 9g

Ultra fine loose mineral powder in shade medium, to set makeup and light up the face with a very natural looking finish.