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Amika And The Met Gala 2022

Amika goes behind the scenes of the Met Gala 2022, also known as ‘fashions biggest night out’, the Met Gala red carpet showcased an excessive amount of gilded glamour-inspired looks. Not only were the outfits jaw-dropping, but the hair and makeup also created some much-deserved buzz.

Amika had the pleasure of getting a backstage look at two exceptional styles. The first is Camila Mendes' up-do, styled by hairstylist David Stanwell, and the second is Quannah Chasinghorse’s sleek ’do, styled by Amika Global Artistic Director Naeemah LaFond.

Keep reading for the inspo and breakdown of these stunning looks and find out which Amika go-to hair oil they both had in common.

The inspiration behind Camila Mendes’ Met Gala hair look

According to her stylist, “Camila’s look was inspired by gilded glamour, represented with both her hair and makeup. I looked at inspiration dating all the way back to the 1890s but was inspired by a mid-90s Vivienne Westwood Fashion Show – specifically images of Kate Moss – that was a nod to the gilded age with a modern, 90s-grunge twist.”

How to get Camila Mendes’ Met Gala look

Feeling inspired? We are too! Follow the simple steps below to recreate this Vivienne Westwood-inspired look at home.

  • Start the look with wet hair and apply Plus Size Perfect Body Mousse and Brooklyn Bombshell Blowout Spray throughout the hair
  • Blow dry hair with a round brush, then set the whole head in Velcro rollers for volume and lift.
  • Once set, spray Fluxus Touchable Hairspray onto the rollers, heat up with a dryer and let set for 5-10 minutes.
  • Once cooled, remove the rollers and spray Un.Done Volume and Matte Texture Spray and backcomb the roots.
  • French twist the back half of the hair loosely and pin.
  • Then section by section, drape the sides back and pin—spraying with Fluxus Touchable Hairspray to set the look.
  • Apply more Un.Done Volume Matte Texture Spray and the Fluxus Touchable Hairspray to get lift in the front section and then loop hair around to create texture.
  • Pin so the hair stays effortless yet still holds.
  • On the pieces outside of the style, use a small amount of Glass Action Universal Elixir just to remove any static or unwanted frizz.
  • Finish the look with Headstrong Intense Hold Hairspray.

The inspiration behind Quannah Chasinghorse’s Met Gala hair look

Quannah’s stylist styled her hair “Quannah wanted her hair to be modern that was true to her personal style, as well as her culture, so her look features a sleek style with some intricate braiding”.

How to get Quannah Chasinghorse’s Met Gala look

To re-create this sleek, figure-8 braid, follow the steps below!

  • Part hair slightly off centre and add a few drops of Glass Action Universal Elixir to the hair.
  • Create a figure-8 braid on the smaller side of the part and add a small cornrow right under it. Both braids should angle upward and end right at the crown.
  • Add clip-in extensions for added volume. Spray section with Headstrong Intense Hold Hairspray and clip the extensions in. Stop at the crown so that it blends well with the natural hair.
  • Spray The Shield Anti-Humidity Spray onto the hair throughout the lengths.
  • Smooth the hair with The Conductor 1” Styler.
  • Spray the braid and straight lengths with a few spritz of The Wizard Detangling Primer for an added burst of sheen.

There you have it! An Amika inside scoop on the Met Gala 2022. Which look was your favourite?

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Emielia Echeverri
Wednesday, May 4, 2022

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