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Want Better Skin? Visit Our Experts. Blog

For the same reason why we book doctor and dentist check-ups, seeing a skin therapist is necessary for better health.

Skin is a living part of your body (your largest organ, in fact), that defends against environmental damage and extreme temperature changes. Your skin helps eliminate toxins from the body. It heals cuts, abrasions and scratches like a champ.

Professional Skin Experts

Your skin needs personal attention from a professional – and that professional is a Dermalogica professional skin therapist. Dermalogica trains more than 75,000 skin therapists a year.

At John And Ginger we have two Dermalogica Skin Experts, which means they are licensed, intensely educated skin health experts, that are trained to prescribe products and deliver professional skin treatments. We have the answer to your most pressing skincare concerns and here at John And Ginger we know how to deliver real, visible results.

Five reasons why you should visit our Skin Experts.

1. Get expert advice - From stress to changes in health and lifestyle, your skin has probably been through a lot too. We are qualified to assess your skin and provide personalised lifestyle advice that supports your skins health.

2. Update your daily regimen – It is so important you are adjusting your regimen in line with skin and season changes, to ensure you are maintaining your skin health. As skin experts we can help you explore products with cutting edge ingredient technologies to super charge your at-home programme. We will help you match specific ingredients and formats to your skin and lifestyle needs.

3. Kickstart skin with treatments - We have professional grade products that deliver professional grade results. Formulated with a higher level of actives or designed to be powered up with skin care technologies. We can kickstart your skin in the treatment room for next level results.

4. Benefits from human touch - Scientific research confirms the importance and benefits of human touch to our physical, mental and emotional health. Professional treatments and Touch Therapies can boost well-being.

5. Support local business - Being a family run business, you can show your support by booking treatments and services, purchasing your skin care, and leaving reviews of your experience.

Call 01273 249466 to speak with one of our Skin Experts or to book your professional skin treatment.

Profile Photo of Emielia Echeverri author for John and Ginger
Emielia Echeverri
Wednesday, April 6, 2022