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Understanding Peptides - What are Peptides?

Peptides, essentially short chains of amino acids, are the backbone of vital skin proteins like collagen and elastin, which maintain the resilience and strength of our skin. These amino acid sequences, varying in type and sequence, dictate the specific function of each peptide—from hydrating the skin to reducing signs of ageing.

By topically applying peptides, you signal the skin to behave in beneficial ways, depending on the peptide's composition.

7 Key Benefits of Peptides in Skincare:

1. Strengthen the Skin Barrier: Acting as the skin's shield against pollutants, UV rays, and other harmful agents, peptides fortify the skin's barrier, enhancing its health and resilience.

2. Reduce the appreance of Wrinkles: Certain peptides boost collagen production, visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother, more youthful complexion.

3. Improve Skin Elasticity: By supporting both collagen and elastin fibers, peptides help firm and lift the skin.

4. Even Out Skin Tone: Peptides can diminish the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, leading to a more even complexion.

5. Offer Acne and Breakout Control: With their antimicrobial properties, some peptides can prevent acne-causing bacteria, keeping the skin clear and flawless.

6. Diminish Eye Bags and Dark Circles: Peptides are effective in brightening under-eye dark circles and reducing puffiness for a refreshed look.

7. Soothe Redness and Inflammation: For sensitive skin, peptides can reduce redness and swelling by enhancing the production of anti-inflammatory compounds.

Effective Ingredients to Combine with Peptides

Peptides complement the benefits of vitamin C, retinol, ceramides and hyaluronic acid. These combinations work synergistically to enhance skin health and target specific concerns like ageing and dullness, day or night.

Optimal Peptide Products for Every Skin Type

Choosing the right peptide-enriched serum or moisturiser can make a significant difference to your skin depending on your skin concerns—whether it's fine lines, dullness, or uneven skin tone— Products like a serum or a moisturiser that are designed to be left on the skin, allow the peptides to work their magic over time.

Using Peptides in Your Skincare Routine

For the best results, apply peptide-infused products twice daily. Whether you’re using a peptide cream, peptide serum or peptide eye cream, then they should be applied after cleansing and before your moisturiser and sunscreen, evening application should also follow cleansing and before moisturising.

Layering Peptides with Other Ingredients

If you are using other active ingredients like retinoids, vitamin C, cermides or exfoliants, these must be applied after your peptide product.

Explore our range of Peptide Products at John and Ginger

Every peptide has a unique superpower to target different skin concerns, discover yours today:

Medik8 Liquid Peptides 30ml - an advanced daily peptide serum that's expertly formulated with no fewer than 10 peptides in a 30% blend, to both slow and prevent the visible formation of expression lines and deep wrinkles.

Medik8 Clarity Peptides 30ml - featuring 10% niacinamide, this lightweight serum works to improve the appearance of dull, blemish-prone skin while calming and hydrating the complexion.

Medik8 Eyelift Peptides Firming Eye Gel 15ml - a multi-action eye serum features a unique complex of 5 age-defying peptides to visibly tackle all signs of ageing around the eyes.

Medik8 Bakuchiol Peptides 30ml - the perfect peptide product for those who can’t use retinol e.g. if you are pregnant, nursing or have very sensitive skin. Designed to promote a more youthful complexion, Bakuchiol Peptides harnesses the gentle power of 1.25% pure bakuchiol.

Medik8 Oxy-R Peptides 2 x 10ml - a brightening serum for hyperpigmentation, visible age spots,uneven skin tones and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from blemishes.

Medik8 Copper PCA Peptides 30ml - This award-winning serum lifts and smooths the skin, to keep it looking plump, soft, and hydrated whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Alex Echeverri
Thursday, April 25, 2024

Clarity Peptides 30ml


A clear light weight serum for stressed out skin, helping to increase skins natural luminosity and clear blemishes.

£45.00 £40.50

Liquid Peptides 30ml


An ultra hydrating serum that brings your skin back to life, helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by facial expressions by minimising muscle contractions.


Bakuchiol Peptides 30ml


Soothing and age defying bakuchiol helps to stimulate collagen and elastin production, a clinically proven alternative to retinol.


Eyelift Peptides Firming Eye Gel 15ml


An award winning formula to combat puffiness, fine lines and loss of firmness around the delicate eye area. Also great for using under makeup.


Copper PCA Peptides 30ml


Recharge and energise your skin with this serum, neutralising a broad spectrum of skin damaging free radicals to leave the complexion looking smooth, youthful and undeniably radiant.


Oxy-R Peptides 2 x 10ml


A gentle yet powerful serum to target areas of hyperpigmentation, dark spots and post inflammatory pigmentation.