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Solve Your Brow Dilemma

HD Brows is the original brow brand and over the years thousands of stylists have trained with them, making HD Brows the UK’s no 1 salon brow brand.

HD Brows and Jamie Long, Lead Brow Stylist. Have your brow dilemmas solved, from sparse and over plucked eyebrows, to bushy and uneven brows.

Sparse and Over Plucked Eyebrows

What causes sparse eyebrows?

Not everyone is born with thick, bushy brows, so it’s not down to overplucking. Sadly, sparse brows can be due to hair thinning, ageing or just lack of hair growth, causing brows to look patchy and sparse. This also includes hair loss due to skin conditions, infection, changes in hormones, thyroid problems, an overactive immune system, stress or physical trauma.

What do sparse brows look like? Sparse brows often resemble narrow lines, due to years of over plucking to achieve the thin brow that was on-trend in the nineties.

Your Prescription

First up you need a daily dose of Brow Maximiser, an eyebrow growth serum enriched with 3D Brow Enhancers to improve volume and skin friendly Lip-oligopeptide for maximum stimulation. Clinically proven to increase brow density by over 60% in just 4 weeks.

If you are still having trouble re-growing your overplucked brows, or you simply cannot wait any longer, Microblading can be the perfect solution for instant results.

If your brows are light as well as thin, Eyebrow Tinting can be very helpful for giving the appearance of thickness. This treatment can be carried out at our John And Ginger Salon.

Need to fake it, while you make it? The retractable Browtec eyebrow pencil, is perfect. The firm texture makes it easy to control and apply, ensuring lines are clean and accurate. It’s the ideal pencil to create fool proof hair strokes.

Doctors’ Orders

If your brows are very light as well as thin, tinting can be really helpful for giving the appearance of thickness. Picking up those fine and fluffy hairs you didn’t realise were there to instantly give the appearance of thickness". – Jamie Long, Leading Brow Stylist

How To Shape Bushy Eyebrows?

Why are my eyebrows so bushy?

Thick, bushy brows are a beauty trend people are loving right now, so lucky you. Having bushy brows is generally just down to your natural rate or hair growth. We love bushy brows, but if you would still like to tame them a little, HD Brows are here to help.

Products for bushy brows.

If you see your brow specialist regularly, but still find you have unwanted re-growth before you are due your next appointment, HD Brows prescribe a daily dose of the Re-Growth Minimiser. It’s kind-to-skin formula will soften hairs, making it much easier and more comfortable to remove them at your next appointment.

With bushy brows you shouldn’t need to add any makeup to create fullness. Simply brush them up for a texture look using the Brow Beater, a non-sticky gel which helps keep brows in place.

Doctors’ Orders

It can be tempting to pluck when you have bushy brows but don’t get too carried away. A full brow is a blessing". - Jamie Long, Leading Brow Stylist

Uneven Eyebrow Solutions!

What causes uneven eyebrows?

Don’t worry it is totally normal, to not be able to get your brows to match. It is incredible rare for eyebrows to be naturally symmetrical, however there are factors that can contribute towards an uneven appearance. This could be due to too much hair removal, anti-ageing injections or ptosis (a dropping or falling of the upper eyelid caused by weak muscles).

Uneven eyebrows treatment

You may find that you need to re-grow some areas of the brows to regain symmetry. To help speed this process up try the Brow Maximiser clinically proven to increase the density of your brows in just 4 weeks.

Using makeup can help keep your brows looking as even as possible, until you reach your final goal. The Brow Define is ideal for filling in, defining, blending and shaping brows to perfection.

Doctors’ Orders

Eyebrows are sisters, not twins, so try not to worry too much about making them perfectly symmetrical. However, if it’s something you wish to work on, it might require some re-growth, so step away from the tweezers and leave any shaping to the experts. - Jamie Long, Leading Brow Stylist

If you have any other brow questions you can also ask our HD Brows qualified therapists here at John And Ginger.

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Emielia Echeverri
Friday, February 25, 2022

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