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Swissdent Toothbrushes

Choose now the right Swissdent Toothbrush for you. This range offers whitening toothbrushes, gentle toothbrushes and colourful toothbrushes. These toothbrushes feature an award winning concave bristle-field, to embrace the contours of the tooth and to be gentle on the gums.


Swissdent Profi Whitening Toothbrush Gold

An award winning whitening Toothbrush, in gold.

£3.95 £2.90

Swissdent Profi Whitening Toothbrush Red

An award winning whitening toothbrush, in a light red.

£3.95 £2.90

Swissdent Profi Colours Toothbrush White And Red

A toothbrush, in white and red.


Swissdent Profi Gentle Toothbrush Light Blue And Pink

An award winning toothbrush in a sky blue coloured body, with a pink head.

£3.95 £2.90

Swissdent Profi Whitening Toothbrush White

An award winning whitening Toothbrush, in white.

£3.95 £2.90

Swissdent Profi Whitening Toothbrush Gold With Active Coal

A whitening Toothbrush, in gold with active coal.

£3.95 £2.90