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Matis Paris Eyes And Lips

Discover our variety of Matis Paris Eyes And Lips products for a beautiful eye look and a perfectly outlined mouth. These areas can be particularly sensitive, due to the skin being very thin and in permanent movement. Shop this range for perfect eye and lip care.


Reponse Regard Lifting Eyes 15ml

Helping to tone the skin around the eyes, smoothing and lifting crows feet and wrinkles.

£50.58 £47.00

Reponse Regard Micell Eyes Makeup Remover 150ml

The perfect micellar makeup remover, suitable for sensitive eyes.

£23.40 £21.50

Reponse Regard Recomfort Eyes Nourishing Mask

This sumptuous mask boasts a rich texture that comforts the delicate skin around your eyes, leaving it revitalised and deeply nourished.

£39.64 £36.50

Reponse Regard Relax Eyes 15ml

This luxurious creamy gel provides instant refreshment while targeting dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines.

£48.82 £45.00