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Absolution Serums

Absolution Serums

Shop Absolution Serums and intensely treat any skincare concern. Allowing you to customise your routine, layering them under your favourite moisturiser during the day or night. Supercharged with active ingredients, to help target those skincare needs.



Absolution Anti Pollution Protection Booster 15ml

This serum helps to strengthen and protect skin against all aggressors. Also known as Le Booster Protection.

£36.00 £25.00


Absolution Anti Shine Purifying Booster 15ml

Gently restore the skin's balance and efficiently combat skin blemishes, pimples, irritations and excess sebum with this miracle in a bottle. Also known as Le Booster Purete

£32.00 £22.00

Absolution Addiction Night And Day Face Oil 30ml

A 100% natural face oil to heal, repair and restore your complexion back to its natural radiance easing dryness, irritation, discomfort and dull complexions. Also known as Addiction Huile Visage Nuit Et Jour

£59.00 £53.00

Absolution Anti Fatigue Superfood Booster 15ml

A concentrated serum, that deeply revitalises, plumps and protects your skin. Also known as Le Booster Superfood Serum.

£42.00 £37.00

Absolution Anti Ageing Lift Booster 15ml

Designed to redefine facial contours, firm, hydrate and smooth skin. Also known as Le Booster Lift.

£47.00 £42.00

Absolution Anti Dullness Glow Booster 15ml

Give your skin a boost, this will be your go to beauty product when your skin is in need of some recovery and looks dull. Known as Le Booster Eclat Concentrated Serum.

£36.00 £32.00

Absolution Moisturising And Antioxidant Serum 50ml

A guardian angel for dry skin. This ultra moisturising face serum with its light weight formula, perfect matte finish and fresh citrus scent makes it the perfect moisturiser. Also known as Le Serum Anti Soif.

£30.00 £27.00

Absolution Clear Skin Anti Blemish Treatment 15 x 1ml

Calm redness, tighten pores, eliminate imperfections and restore the balance of reactive and blemish prone skin giving dramatically clearer complexion in just 15 days. Known as La Cure Peau Nette.

£48.00 £43.00

Absolution Soothing Anti Redness Treatment 15 x 1ml

Soothe and calm irritated skin, in just 15 days inflammation and reactivity are reduced and relieved, while the barrier function is also repaired, leaving your skin softer and more comfortable. Also known as La Cure Peau Calme.