Xen Tan

Xen Tan

Xen Tan self tanning products are perfect for all types of skin tones, even the most fairest of skins, achieve natural looking olive tan for longer with their award winning formulas, easy to apply and with more DHA than ever before. A revolutionary award winning brand favoured by people that want to enjoy a gorgeous natural glow all week long, giving beautiful results every time. Much loved by the celebrities in the USA and now the UK.


Xen Tan Classic Dark Lotion 150ml

Get an instant rich, natural looking, olive toned tan, now with even longer lasting DHA with NaturaTan technology.

£28.99 £23.50

Xen Tan Intense Tanning Lotion 150ml

The darkest tan yet. Light instant colour blends into the skin immediately. After three hours develops into an ultra dark tan.

£34.99 £28.50

Xen Tan Deep Bronzing Lotion 150ml

The perfect tan for those of you that want a medium to dark tan in just three hours, long lasting, olive toned, rich and luxurious.

£28.99 £23.50

Xen Tan Instant Bronzing Mist 150ml

Gives you professional looking results at home. Perfect for anyone who loves the flawless, even colour and coverage of a spray tan.

£26.99 £22.00

Xen Tan Luxe Tanning Mousse 150ml

A White, light weight mousse that blends into the skin effortlessly, developing into a gorgeous dark tan in just over three hours.