Vegan Lip Care

Vegan Lip Care

Shop online from our range of Vegan Lip Care products suitable for Vegans from our professional top brands. Free Delivery and skincare samples available.



Epic Blend Vegan Lip Balm Pineapple Mint 4.2g

It sounds like an odd combination but put them together, and magic happens and your lips will love it too.

£3.99 £3.80


Eye Of Horus Bio Lipstick Athena Blush

Athena, the Goddess of wisdom, peace and independence.


Instant Effects 3D Lip Plumper 5ml

A clever lip plumping formula that increases lip volume by 20% in just 2 minutes, effectively plumps lips whilst smoothing out fines lines, boosting volume and leaving them looking smooth and more youthful.


Eye of Horus Bio Lip Elixir 7ml

A nourishing tinted organic formula for seriously luscious lips with a high gloss that naturally conditions, plumps and firms the texture of lips.


Absolution Le Baume Lip And Dry Skin Balm 7g

A wonder lip and skin balm which provides instant and long lasting moisturising relief from dry, chapped and uncomfortable skin.


Eye Of Horus Velvet Lips Spellbound Dusty Pink

A beautiful dusty pink, sweeter than roses.


Eye Of Horus Velvet Lips Bewitched Mulberry

A fusion of red and orange, with a mulberry aftermath.


Eye Of Horus Velvet Lips Vixen Rouge

The perfect classic red.


Eye Of Horus Bio Lipstick Artemis Nude

Artemis, the Goddess of nature. Represents raw nude tones of earth and nature.