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If you are looking for an easy to use fake tan product that gives long lasting realistic results then St Tropez Tan has got to be for you. As the sunshine comes to an end, your tan does not have too! The St Tropez range offers everything you need for a perfect all over tan.

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The History

Since it's introduction in 1996, St. Tropez has become the UK's market leading self tan brand. This iconic brand is synonymous with a self tan treatment and has attracted unrivalled press acclaim and celebrity endorsements.

Self tanning is the fastest growing beauty treatment in the UK and the fastest growing sector in the health and beauty industry. St Tropez has brought professional results to the home user with a simple to follow three step regime.

First Time Tanning

St. Tropez is the first choice of professionals and beginners the world over because every product is created to deliver a beautiful even tan, every time.

Anyone can get a superb natural-looking result, whatever your skin tone or type, a tan that actually works with your own skin to develop a shade that gives you a gorgeous glow. Our products work hard so you don’t have to – they’re a pampering treat to use and they’ll help minimise the appearance of stretch marks and scars, too. The intelligent formula means you’ll only ever develop a depth of tan that looks natural for you – for a darker shade you need to repeat the process.

Essential Advice

All St. Tropez self and gradual tans are formulated to be super easy to use and if you do make mistakes, they’re simple to correct. One thing you just can’t skimp on is preparation. Preparation is our mantra - if your skin’s patchy and dry you won’t get even results either at home or in the salon. So, make sure your skin is gently exfoliated (use St. Tropez Body Polish) and dry skin is moisturised with St. Tropez Body Moisturiser (especially wrists and hands, elbows, knees, ankles and feet) - then you’ll be all set for perfectly sleek results. Once you’ve got your gorgeous tan, you’ll want to keep it that way for as long as possible. Look after your tan with regular gentle polishing before enriching your skin with moisturiser, the final step in a three-step regime for your perfect tan.

Perfect Legs

A great pair of legs is always in fashion but come summer they’re everywhere, at the heart of every key look. This year, why not be prepared? Simply reach for St Tropez Everyday Perfect Legs. The clever dual formulation gives you an instant colour, so you can wear your favourite mini or shorts straightaway, as well as a gradual tan that develops by the end of the day and lasts for up to a week.

Whatever shape your legs are in, they always look that bit better with a gorgeously toned, tanned, smooth, sleek finish. And that’s exactly what you get with this ultra-rich formula, infused with soothing aloe and marine extract for added skin conditioning. For best results start with St Tropez Body Polish to soften skin and sweep away dull cells, and make sure you slather on St Tropez Body Moisturiser regularly to help maintain your flawless tan.

St Tropez Heritage

For beauty professionals, leading celebrities and beauty editors, St Tropez has always been the brand of choice.

Aloe Vera based and proven for all skin types, there's no better way to achieve that healthy, outdoor glow which is the perfect complement to any outfit.

You can comfortably apply St Tropez at home, or experience the ultimate way to a natural and long lasting tan by visiting a St Tropez Professional Salon. Enjoy the experience of a pampering Classic tan or the speed of St Tropez spray tanning the choice is yours.

Why St Tropez?

It doesn't turn orange Our special formulation ensures a golden brown colour!

You can see where you are applying St Tropez A dark brown guide colour means that you can see where the tan is going!

It doesn't streak! St Tropez tans to one strength. If your body is covered in product, your tan will be even.

You can have the desired colour! St Tropez can be custom blended to make sure your hands, feet and face are not too dark.

A natural colour! The results give the most natural looking tan possible from a bottle.

The No Tan Tan

No matter how dismal and grey the winter or how drizzly, damp and dark the evenings, when it comes to serious glamour there’s nothing like turning up the volume with a healthy-looking radiance that seems to glow from within – all year round.

Great case in point was the recent BAFTAs, where the cream of the world’s film stars graced an almost frozen red carpet. Instead of blotchy, blue-tinged flesh, shivering under layers of woolly jumpers like lesser mortals, these icons revealed beautifully buffed, radiantly glowing skin. The secret? The St Tropez No Tan Tan. And here’s how you achieve it, refine, and smooth skin with St. Tropez Body Polish, then lightly massage in St. Tropez Everyday Face and Everyday Body for a gentle, barely there glow, that simply radiates health. Apply every other day to maintain your gorgeous glow.

St Tropez Awards

As the original and first natural-looking self tanning range, St Tropez has won a fair few awards over the years. St Tropez is thrilled to have won 3 new awards this month - two of which are voted for by consumers and include Cosmopolitan Readers' Kiss of Approval for our Self Tan Bronzing Spray and the Ultimate Innovative Product for Everyday Perfect Legs in the WOMAN Magazine On Test Reader Panel. St Tropez is very proud of our products and the hard work and expertise that goes into making them, so St Tropez is always delighted to be short listed for and, more importantly, to win awards. You can’t blame St Tropez for wanting to share them with you – but also, this is an opportunity for St Tropez to say thank you to their lovely staff who have the brilliant ideas that keep St Tropez ahead of their competition and make them happen, every day. And a big thank you, too, to all our lovely St Tropez customers who vote for St Tropez time and again. Here’s a few of the St Tropez awards, past and present:

  • WOMAN Magazine - Ultimate Innovative Fake Tan Product (Everyday Perfect Legs)
  • Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2009 - Best Body Self Tan (Bronzing Mousse)
  • Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2009 - Readers' Kiss of Approval (Bronzing Spray)
  • Sunday Times Beauty Awards 2009 - Best Self Tan for Face and Body
  • CEW (UK) Beauty Awards 2009 - Everyday Body
  • Woman&home 2009 - Everyday Body
  • Favourite Sunless Tanning Line – Professional Choice Awards
  • Bridal Beauty Awards 2008 and 2009
  • Cosmo Girl 2006 – Auto Bronzant
  • Style 2006 – Whipped Bronze Mousse
  • In-Style 2006 – Whipped Bronze Mousse
  • Cosmopolitan 2005 – Whipped Bronze Mousse
  • Cosmopolitan Hair 2005 – Whipped Bronze Mousse
  • Cosmo Girl 2005 – Auto Bronzant
  • Handbag 2005 – Self Tanning Mousse

Prepare To Party Skin With ST. Tropez

Market-leading beauty brand, St Tropez introduces two revolutionary new self-tanning and skincare innovations designed to deliver a natural glow and flawless finish in fast developing express and instant wash-off formulations.

These new product ranges - Rapide & Wash Off - offer both the self-tan devotee and first-timer completely new tanning solutions and are in response to consumer demand.


New St. Tropez Rapide

St. Tropez presents the industry’s fastest acting self-tan formula in its Rapide range, allowing a flawless, natural looking tan in just two hours. The new face and body formulas are perfect for tanners-on-the-go who want quick, but brilliant bronzing results. The range also has nourishing skincare benefits as the products are infused with Grapeseed and Sunflower oils to help skin feel smooth, hydrated and conditioned, while St. Tropez’s new Aromaguard™ fragrance technology helps to virtually eliminate the tell-tale self tan aroma by a minimum of 70% St. Tropez Rapide Face (£20) is a daily self-tanning treatment that develops within two hours to give a radiant glow, while also hydrating the skin to ensure a smooth, even and natural colour.

St. Tropez Rapide Body (£30) works in the same way allowing fast developing express tans at home in just two hours, while also benefiting from extra moisturising properties. The gel-based cream is quickly and easily absorbed and won’t rub off on your clothes. This product works well for men and women alike, and is hotly tipped as a ‘Unisex best seller.’

Insider tip: St. Tropez Skin Care and Tanning Expert, Nichola Joss recommends: “Blend St. Tropez Rapide Body into your midriff, over your base tan - the slightly darker shading will create the illusion of a slimmer waist and more defined tummy area.”


St Tropez Wash Off

For those of us looking for a tan minus the commitment, St Tropez has developed a range of wash off products for the face and body that provide an instant glow, and moisturising, velvety feel when applied – this range is free from DHA, is non-transferable and washes off with soap, and water.

The Wash Off range caters for those who like to change their look and gives tanning virgins the freedom to tan and go, then wash and go for virgin pale skin the day after the night before.

St. Tropez Wash Off Face is a velvety smooth, tinted lotion which gives an ultra-even, all-over glow, while St. Tropez’s hydrating formula leaves skin soft, smooth and radiant. Great underneath foundation or on its own for a natural look.

St. Tropez Wash Off Body is a hydrating lotion which delivers a beautiful instant tan. Apply liberally to the whole body for a bronzed, beautiful look in seconds. Wash off with soap and water.

St. Tropez Wash Off Mousse is an ultra lightweight, velvety mousse which is easily absorbed and gives an instant, even, beautifully golden glow that will wash off whenever you choose. The unique formula is lightly fragranced with the St. Tropez signature scent and will wash off quickly and easily, every time.

St. Tropez Wash Off Instant Shimmer Stick is a must-have product for all – this unique gloss stick is formulated with a blend of natural waxes to hydrate the skin whilst injecting a fashionable, glamorous shimmer. This multi-purpose product can be used on the face, legs, décolletage – anywhere that needs an added glow!

Insider tip- St. Tropez Tanning Expert Nichola Joss recommends ‘Use St. Tropez’s Wash Off Body Gloss over shoulders, décolletage and front of the legs with to create the appearance of a more defined chest area and longer legs.’


Since its introduction in 1996, St Tropez has become the market leading self tan brand now synonymous with self tan and skin finishing treatments attracting press acclaim, and celebrity endorsement.

Self tanning is the fastest growing beauty treatment in the UK and the fastest growing section in the health and beauty industry generating revenues of close to £100m.

St Tropez is an Aloe Vera based tanning system that has brought professional-tanning results to the home user. The award-winning brand offers a range of self-tanning, gradual tanning, preparation and maintenance products as well as professional tanning services by trained beauty experts.

In March 2009, St. Tropez introduced one of the biggest breakthroughs to hit the beauty industry in the last decade - an exclusive new technology that reduces the residual and distinctive smell of self-tan by a minimum of 70%

Aroma-guard is completely new and pioneering technology which effectively banishes the odour associated with self-tanning by virtually eliminating the smell and leaving a subtle fragrance which is unique to the user's skin. Launching exclusively in all St. Tropez Core Tanning and Gradual Tan/Everyday products, Aromaguard™ effectively removes the biggest complaint about self tanning for millions of women and men around the globe.

A series of additional new product developments has seen the brand offering a variety of ‘can’t-get-through-the-summer-without’ beauty miracles in four key categories: preparation and maintain, self-tanning, gradual tanning and skin perfecting & finishing. Incorporating seven new products, including a ground breaking new dual gradual tanning and cosmetics finisher for legs, and an evolved cosmetics range for summer 09 - featuring three brand new multi-purpose cosmetics, to highlight, lift, sculpt and define key areas and complete your look.

St. Tropez works closely with the Prince’s Trust and helped to raise £90,000 with its sponsorship of its first Spring Ball in 2009. It also participates in the charity’s Million Makers scheme, provides training via its staff for young people looking to gain additional skills in the workplace and has launched a Beauty steering group – lead by CEO, Michelle Feeney.

To deliver its mission of creating perfectly tanned and radiant skin, the brand works internationally with the beauty industry’s leading professionals and has created an exclusive panel of Skin Care and Tanning Experts. Nichola Joss joins Fiona Locke, Melanie Mills, James Read and Sophie Evans as an authority and spokesperson for St. Tropez skin care and tanning products, professional tanning techniques and safe sun education.